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Are the Seattle Seahawks being cheap?

Are the Seattle Seahawks being cheap?

April 15, 2019

Elite QB and elite pass rusher want big money, we’re not giving it to them…is it them, or is it us?



4 Responses to Are the Seattle Seahawks being cheap?

  • Were gonna have one of the lowest payrolls after this season , mfs don't realize LOB is gone, Okung, Unger, Lynch, Harvin, are all gone were not paying anybody big bucks right now other than Wilson and BWagz , we do have the money, cap goes up every year and only 2 years left of this CBA, the cap will get way bigger after 2020 no doubt, if we can't get this done I want John fired, we can't retire any Seahawk Legends with him, and he's drafted very poorly the last 4 years as well , as well as terrible trades , like Graham , and terrible fa siginfs like walsh and cary Williams , he has to go.

  • How about if we trade Wilson & Clark, for Patrick Mahomes and some picks

  • Dude if we get rid of russel wilson and clark we are instantly off the board for playoff contention and we are bottom of the division probably below cardinals wilson has legit carried this football team since lynch and the defense left years ago

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