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[BREAKING] Cowboys defeat Seahawks 24-22; DAL win first playoff game since 2014 Wild Card

[BREAKING] Cowboys defeat Seahawks 24-22; DAL win first playoff game since 2014 Wild Card

January 11, 2019

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41 Responses to [BREAKING] Cowboys defeat Seahawks 24-22; DAL win first playoff game since 2014 Wild Card

  • Byron Jones is too weak for probowl*weak weak doesn't know HOW TO use sideline** *HEY BYRON* NO*FORCE*OUT!! PUSH THEM THE FUUUUCK OUT BEFORE THET POSTERIZE YOU ON 4TH&9 .. 0 BALL AWARENESS!! *GET YOUR HEAD AROUND*

  • Stfu bitch small bitch you are a hater that was a p.i. bitch

  • Russell Wilson is always gracious. Lots of class.

  • Swearing should be allowed on NFL Network

  • Cowboys fans running to the game that's when you know we ain't playing !!!

  • Let’s go cowboys fuck yeah … Seahawks you got fucked right in the pussy !!! Yeah

  • All these Seahawk Fans So quiet What happend you realized how shitty your offense is held your team -8 passing yards 1st QT hahahahha 100 passing yards first half amd didnt you have the best stat running game in the NFL HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Why do they let these guys talk when the host is trying to describe the play by play. It sounds horrible, I blame it on that TNT inside the NBA crew, they started it and now everyone's doing it. Message to these tv producers. We can only understand one person at a time people!

  • Janikowski…….what a fat ass.

  • Willie those were good calls stop making excuses

  • These are the same guy's that said during the week that the cowboys would not win

  • The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't a good person!!!!!!

  • Did Willie just say "Fucked Up"?

  • Didn't all these guys "major" in Broad Comm and Broad Journo? …Odd, no mention of Dallas's Defensive front and how they shut down the NFL's #1 rushing attack…

  • Respect DAk…ROMO would have lost this game!

  • These analysts  are HORRILE.  WOW  where was the BLATANT interference on KJ WRIGHT???  WOW NFLNET…Cowboys DOMINATED them and as a lifer Cowboys fan I am sorry, you are a joke Byron Jones. Refs kept Seattle in the game. All Star crew my ass and M.JOnes Drew is HORRIBLE at his job.

  • The Patriots way involves cheating

  • Shaquem griffin is so ass. He got gassed the whole game

  • Damn when did MJD get so fat??

  • Cowboys ➕ Amari Cooper
    Seahawks ➖ Earl Thomas
    Congrats Dallas

  • Congrats Cowgirls but u have absolutely no chance vs the saints LOL!!!!!

  • If cowboys win the next one I'll take back what I said about dak and Jason

  • Same guys that's been criticizing Dallas and Dak but now they giving all their love to #4 Dak… I know Dak has been playing better of the last 3 games but, He still needs to keep up the hard play if we're going to go further in the playoffs…we'll see I guess!! Go COWBOYS!!!

  • MJD is a short clown. Who cares what his opinion is.

  • Well how about them Cowboys huh they played their hearts out even though we have injuries like everybody else the offensive line the way it is right now they're doing a great job and of course when are Center comes back Everything Will Change and those holes will be big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through it congratulations upon your win I'm so happy I don't know what to say I mean you guys did it you know the only way you know this offense of coordinator he needs to be fired the time I think Jerry realizes that he's had some great offensive coordinators one of them more of Turner three Super Bowls in the 90s what are you doing about that you think a man like Scott Linehan and what he has on that field and what he's not doing and not calling plays and especially in the Red Zone which is ridiculous Schwinn that ball right into that end zone play action will you think you are at their 30-yard line no 20 yards end zone Zeke you give Zeke 30 carries a game Cowboys are not going to lose unless something happens out of this world I don't know the Cowboys have the best game attack when it comes to you can't run on the Cowboys that's it bottom line I want to see you run or try to run against the Cowboys defensive line I'm going to laugh because you know be real here these guys are great there's no other word incredibly great great athletes gifted I wish I was six five six six but my my girl. And I couldn't get any bigger than what I have now 5 6 I clean play tackle football but if I was big and nothing happened to me at Birth oh my God I was throwing football Ella 14 years old 4260 yds I do I almost threw for 70 yards 14 had a very strong arm soon but I could never imagine what I would have been like if I was like six six I would have threw the field unbelievable well it will never be known but I know I probably at that size I probably could at least an old 70 80 yards with no problem if I was healthy and there was nothing wrong with me and I was you know strong like an ox like I would have been that would have been a beautiful thing but you guys are the gifted ones you are the athletes I can get out there and do something that few people can do just a nobody hardly out there that can do this and be so successful I got to give the Dallas Cowboys a big congratulations and good luck and I hope to see baby David Irving come back I hope you know maybe you can sit down and realize what are incredible team is is and how much that you would be there and help them win and I know the ones fact in my vision that if David really wants to play on the defense of the Dallas Cowboys and he was fine everything was okay yeah I want to see the team that's going to beat this team because this would be your defensive line Lawrence Woods Irving Gregory you filled those four and the Doomsday defense will be back in Dallas as talk like they used to back in the day I've Been a Cowboy fan since the sixties what are you kidding me I understand one thing only what my vision tells me that's a gift from God I have nothing to do with that I also want to see hopefully Richard Rashad become you know the defensive coordinator the boss because the defensive coordinator now is going to retire Rashad is so good you should become assistant head coach and he takes over the defense what whatever it takes I would give to Rashad he's great he's a genius and he's already in Dallas so take advantage Jerry there it is you got your man right there don't lose them do whatever it takes I have nothing against the defensive coordinator right now but you know he looks like he wants to sit back at home and watch the game getting to that time which is okay he's fantastic he's great he's he's a genius I take nothing away from him believe me but we do not want to lose your shot so I hope everything turns out all right I hope he doesn't leave and Dallas will have the number one defense it all categories your linebackers are amazing Jerry gray pick Smith is great he was injured we know that you took a chance you gave him a chance it's a beautiful thing what you did he's a fantastic I watch him and the rookie number 55 amazing how he can cover the field from side-to-side I mean that's a true gift you don't get many players I can do that I mean should I don't know I mean I know Lawrence Taylor you know the great LT just because my initials rlt it's funny but LT was one of the most feared linebackers did ever shoot it up as the quarterbacks they stop nightmares before they used to play them especially Danny White played quarterback for the Cowboys went to four championship games and I predicted he would never get to the Super Bowl unfortunately I don't know why I felt that way but that was the vision was telling me and it turned out that Danny White never saw the Super Bowl he came as close as you could come to with a great team no yesterday I see him cuz I've seen him on the sidelines and seen him yesterday on the field when the wide receiver was injured all that's terrible and I hope he's okay and I'm praying for you man Jesus I was like I was in tears also then when I saw that I couldn't believe it and you know you'll be back and no question about it you're an incredible athlete so good luck and hope to see you come back strong Cowboys good luck Dak to me you were great you took it over and I have to say some people say negative things about you hello they don't even understand that if we had all our tools on our offense like when that was a rookie things will be a little different not nothing against the players that are playing now don't get me wrong but without the center that was there the All-Pro Center when I think of that line that you know is the most important position of the offense and I know that you know back in the day dandydon now it is I had all the Dallas Cowboy players back then you know that it was a rough game I mean I was a kid I remember my uncle lived in Dallas I went to the Cotton Bowl I went to Texas stadium I have been to the new stadium yet hopefully I can get better and I'll be able to go out to Dallas and hopefully watching a team that I've been you know or actually being able to go to the new stadium and I can imagine it must be beautiful owns beautiful I've heard no people who went on and all these tours of this amazing Stadium on the outs AT&T Stadium put the I hope I get to see the stadium in the Cowboys play their before I die Maybe by next year I'll be there in maybe in six eight months hopefully I can actually go to watch them play that would be an amazing thing for me I've been praying do you feel better hope to see the stadium soon good luck Cowboys get them defense Dak take over the offense I love it when you change the call Scott Linehan what a joke get rid of him there's plenty of great offensive coordinators out there right Jerry well I'm signing off l t over and out

  • Seattle is waking up with egg on their faces and a side order of butt hurt.

  • The kicker lost that game for dem lol how bout dem boys

  • Seattle defense didn't make crucial tackles it needed to

  • Bro these foos doubt us every week and be on our dick after every win

  • Wait doesnt this mean dak ties Romo wiyh wins in yhe post season lol


  • Cowboys will host the Eagles in the NFC championship game to determine which is the better team.

  • I thought he said he's not used to getting fucked up before the game.

  • Finally Jason Garrett did more than just clapping for once. Just keep feeding the ball to Zeke 25-30 times a game then they have a good shot at knocking off the Saints or Rams.

  • Keep on hating. Go Cowboys

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