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Bumblebee Plays Football [Bumblebee Movie News #41]

Bumblebee Plays Football [Bumblebee Movie News #41]

November 16, 2018


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4 Responses to Bumblebee Plays Football [Bumblebee Movie News #41]

  • That's a soccer ball not a football and I love I love it how bee squashes it and pretends nothing happens plus this is the second time I saw a transformer play with a ball since optimus played with a basketball in a dark of the moon commerical and a soccer ball in a age of extinction commerical and one more thing the language at the end is Japanese and 2019 is there because Japan won't get this movie until 2019 of April which is kinda disappointing since that will be around the time America gets it on DVD

  • Ok, I'm gonna just put aside all my instinctive cynicism and accusations of corporate shilling… and just admit that this was great.

    Oh, wait, is this a fan animation? Never mind, ignore me; I'm just used to stuff like this being from hasbro when I see it in my recommendeds.

  • Jeez, this version of Bumblebee seems like even more of a big kid than the one from Cyberverse. That takes effort. Only one to do now: find a fan-made video of all the different versions of Bumblebee fighting each other in a battle for supremacy. There can be only one.

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