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How to Coach a Soccer Team : Shooting Exercises for Soccer Practice

How to Coach a Soccer Team : Shooting Exercises for Soccer Practice

March 19, 2019

Soccer skills and coaching tips; learn an exercise you can do with your youth soccer team to help them work on shooting in this free online video guide to coaching a soccer team.

Expert: Glenn Holzer
Bio: Glenn Holzer has been coaching soccer at the youth and college level for more than 20 years and holds a USSF “B” License.


34 Responses to How to Coach a Soccer Team : Shooting Exercises for Soccer Practice

  • Exactly, no one was born knowing futbol, you have to practice, and practice, and practice, and…

  • Italchacao, its a 2cond division team in venezuela

  • I get paid to play, but not 1st division, thats why I say semi-pro

  • lol wat a bunch of fukn retards

  • man… they are not naturals, theyve got talent but they also had to practice a whole fucking lot. NO ONE IS BORN KNOWING FUTBOL, PERIOD.

  • ok…:D Im not gonna argue especially with someone who probably hasnt played futbolin his life… youre right. hey are naturals, theve never had to practice….lol!

  • futbol in, didnt hit space hard enough… ok, so you play futbol, good, me too. and I have never said that they were not born with an incredible talent, BUT for it to manifest itself those guys have had to practice A LOT, kiking, dribbling, etc. Ronaldinho has an incredibly awesome sprint, and strenght, without that his dribbles would be cool, but useless. Those guys are a combination of talent and practice… lots of both.

  • no questioning that, but he is in a team since that age, probably a lot before, thats my point. I would be dumb if I tryed to deny that theyve got talent

  • hey coach, why dont you actually teach them how to strike the ball correctly instead of just kicking it. thats what a real coach would do

  • US Women are either 1,2 or 3 depending on the year. US Men are in the top 20 and climbing fast. For the US fan soccer cannot compare with American football for speed and excitment. I coach soccer and while I enjoy a 2 to 1 game of soccer it does not compare with a 28 to 35 American football game.

  • the dude looks like Col. Sanders..

  • As an American I can agree. In high school I kicked our best goalkeeper in the nuts with the ball XD

  • plz dont post a video on how to coach a soccer team aagain XD. plzzz…….

  • more a warmup instead of good practice … for their age, they need more distance to the goal

  • The shooting is way wrong!

    The shooter in this situation must or better put her left foot just beside the ball to give power with the shots! Not by balancing the left foot behind the ball which gives less power and accuracy! <— very important tip!

    And shooting a ball from the left side using your outside foot is way better!

    I'm pointing on a right foot shooter!

  • u realise theres already a sport called handball right? still doesnt explain why they named it football but just a lil fyi

  • LOLOL did any of you realize that NONE of the expertvillage videos have 5 stars, it's so funny lol

  • If your gonna learn futball learn it to play futball, if you wanna increase your leg size hit up a gym leg presses, extensions and squats will start you off well

  • if they are going to film a video about people shooting why not get some one who can hit the target not launch them over the goals

  • Really there are only 3 ways to shoot, a powerful shot kicking the ball on the laces, a precise side foot shot or a chip unless u are extremely skilled and can curl it with the outside of the boot

  • @quetano can you not read? or do you just click on any video you see…
    it says Shooting Exersices for Soccer Practice not how to shoot smartass.

  • This is a DRILL for beginners on up. Sure, they should also work proper kicking technique drills, but this allows them to start using the techniques in a closer to live situation without pressure. Great video! All you "experts" should cop a clue, not everyone is "as good as you". (Rolling eyes)

  • @MFFOWNS I like people like you who come here to talk trash about US soccer but they made it to the top 16 teams in the world cup… did sweden even qualify?

  • Great Video, another addition to this drill would be to shoot with both feet in order to keep practicing and to not loose your touch on the ball. This is a great beginners shooting warm up.

  • @quetano dumb ass hes not saying every one has the same technique he is saying do many reps and you will find out own technique to how you are comfortable to shooting a ball.. its not that hard to understand

  • @quetano The right technique is to shoot the ball with the laces by following through the shot. To improve the shot try and plant your weakest foot next to the ball in a comfortable way which will support your shot.
    That's coming from a experienced football coach, also I'm British.

  • Coming from a welsh person, Americans could easily be the best at any sport. British people say Americans are poor when for one, the best national teams are the likes of Spain, Holland, France, Brazil + Argentina (both South AMERICAN teams) and maybe you could add Italy in there. England are shocking and people must respect "yanks" helping others out at a sport which they are quite poor at.

  • im half mexican half USA, and i dont beleive any nation is better than others, but the players and the trainers. for instance, landon donovan could eAsily be paired with dos santos, forlan to villa, robben to ribery. MESSI TO RONALDO. think about that

  • @freddimon94 Completely wrong. Soccer is the most popular sport at the youth level, but the problem is, it almost never translates to strong players because the coaching and league system for soccer in the US is absolutely terrible. People rag on the US because of arrogant POS's like you that give us a bad name. In case you didn't notice, the US is even losing in basketball and baseball now despite them being created by the US.

  • Why do a lot of people find it so fashionable and cool to jump on the Americans. They gotta start somewhere and it's not like they are that bad. The last time I checked, they are in a respectable position in the world rankings.

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