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Madden 18 Seahawks Franchise Season 1: Weeks 6-7 Vs. Lions and 49ers [Ep.7]

Madden 18 Seahawks Franchise Season 1: Weeks 6-7 Vs. Lions and 49ers [Ep.7]

June 27, 2019

In this episode of my Madden 18 Franchise, the Seahawks take on the the Lions (2-2) and the San Francisco 49ers for the first time this season as they look to keep a potential 5 game winning streak alive. Players like Henry Chatham, Kenneth Dixon and of course Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas have played well for us but the rest of our roster has a lot more potential than what we are producing. Can the Seahawks grow as a team and take some W’s?

Welcome to my Madden 18 connected franchise or madden 18 franchise. This is a madden 18 seahawks franchise or madden 18 seattle seahawks franchise where I will be doing a seahawks rebuild in madden 18. This is a madden 18 franchise mode series, madden 18 seahawks rebuild or a madden 18 franchise rebuild. Where I will be attempting to get the Seattle Seahawks Connected Franchise back to the Super Bowl in my Seahawks Franchise. Thanks for watching my Madden 18 Seattle Seahawks Franchise

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