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2 Responses to PACKERS LOSE 27-24 SEAHAWKS

  • for real.we need two get better protection for aaron

  • Even though it may feel that the season is over, it's not. You guys have been plagued with injuries, and once they get healthy things could easily change. Especially since (and don't forget)……You guys do have Aaron Rodgers. If anyone can rally the troops, and mentally/physically pull you guys out of the road slump, it's Aaron Rodgers. I'm from Seattle, I was at the game, and am a Hawks fan through, and through. With that being said, every time Rodgers has the ball in his hands it makes opposing teams, and their fans more nervous than if there was any other quarterback they were facing. It doesn't even matter who his receivers are, and if those receivers are no names, or seasoned veterans. Yes, McCarthy is playing way too conventional, and way too safe. That kind of coaching backfires often. Especially, when many of the other teams in the NFL, have been making more gutsy calls as of yet. Also, dont forget, there is still enough of the season left to make a playoff run. Especially since there's many teams that are not doing exceptionally well…..Like the Lions, and Vikings.Just thought I'd give my take from one fan to another. Keep your head up brother By the way, the Packers weren't winning the whole game until the end. There was 4 game lead changes throughout the game.

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