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Rusell Wilson still has not signed contract extension with Seattle! Should Giants trade for him?

Rusell Wilson still has not signed contract extension with Seattle! Should Giants trade for him?

April 15, 2019

Russell Wilsons deadline is today that he has set for the Seattle Seahawks to sign him to an extension. He reportedly turned down a record breaking deal. Should the New York Giants make a trade to try to acquire Wilson?


21 Responses to Rusell Wilson still has not signed contract extension with Seattle! Should Giants trade for him?

  • Hell no Giants are better off getting Haskins

  • As always thank you guys for watching! And supporting the channel!

  • Just can't see the Seahawks letting an elite QB go like that. But, we'll see

  • Seattle please trade Russell i want the 49ers to win the division

  • Hell no, 30+million for Russell, not a chance. Hes my fave qb in the league and for the cost it takes, I dont want him. 100% build through draft picks.

  • Yes big time! Unlike the draft qb’s Wilson is proven quality! The Seahawks aren’t afraid to make the big moves either! Where is the legion or Marshawn now?! The owners need to get us back happy after OBJ!

  • The crazy part is .. 6,17 & 37 still won't be enough. Most definitely the Giants' '20 1st, and the '21 1st very well may be what it takes to probably get it done.

  • No the Giants should not trade for Russell Wilson cause we need to be trading away players like Engram Sheppard and Barkley to acquire draft picks and rebuild and bring in this thing called a core on defense and offense

  • No ty. Draft Haskins We have a defense to build And keep our boat load of money for next off season.

  • This makes a lot of sense and I know what quarterback we are picking

  • He's a good QB but now that he's getting paid he is now useless… The QB takes up most of the cap space so if you have a young QB you get to build your team around him while he's not getting paid yet. That's been the Formula for Superbowl contenders. Leave Brady out bc Giselles salary let's him take less money than any other QB so he's cap friendly like a rookie. The Giants fans should want nothing to do with him.. sure he'll take us to the playoffs and fall short bc we can't pay anyone. Let him stay in Seattle and let them pay him the 15% of the salary cap every year.. those are his demands. I'll pass.

  • Entertainah your the man! Great video because you outline better than all the network and media chat on WHY Gettleman and the owners WON’T do it! I still think Rosen and I don’t see how we sacrifice a high draft pick for the Cardinals. They would have too many qb’s and we would be doing them a favour taking Rosen. So I see giving them our 101 or pick for Rosen. Or something after the draft. There’s such an amazing amount of pass rush and defensive talent that Gettleman won’t pass that up. The 2020 draft has a stronger batch of qb’s! Might have got Wilson in free agency by the 2020 draft!

  • I'll give them the 17th if not then go fuck yourself how you doing how you doing.

  • I would give up 6 and 37 this year at the most no chance 6 17 and 37 our schedule is weak and Wilson would lead us to the playoffs most likely but he doesn't make us super bowl contenders

  • I think he’s using the adjusted cap space bs to get out of Seattle and make sure of it, if New York gave him a 6 year 204 mil deal he would take it

  • Although I would love Wilson on the Giants, the cost is way too high and not to mention a contract still has to be made. I can wait until next yr for Herbert or Tua.

  • i think we should Draft Haskins and Grab a pass rusher in the draft as then this will help next offseason as then we can use Free agency to build a stellar defense if jadveon clowney goes to free agency. what ive realise is that when is if we draft good meaning we get a Qb being Murray Haskins or lock then grab a pass rusher at 17 and complete other needs in latter rounds in 2020 free agency we will be loaded and could sign some blockbuster impact players. what i mean is if we do this plan correctly gettleman potential plan can be successful in 2 more years, if done correct love to hear your opnion entertainmer

  • I don’t understand why people love Haskins so much, as a true New York giants fan, I want my quarterback to be a special premiere top 10 quarterback, I don’t see that as haskins

  • And remember if you put russ on the giants they’re instant Super Bowl contenders! You don’t wanna waste Barkley

  • In my opinion Russell Wilson is good for a ready built team that was one with holes in it.

  • No, if he’s there by free agency take him when we have 100 mil cap space

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