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Russell Wilson: Top Ten All-Time NFL QB

Russell Wilson: Top Ten All-Time NFL QB

May 21, 2019$TheTruthAsIKnowIt
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4 Responses to Russell Wilson: Top Ten All-Time NFL QB

  • Wilson represent & stands in diametrical opposition to the stereotypical idea that mainstream society as well as many in the group are comfortable with.
    All such labels are aimed to make him yeild to in group pressures for they see him as someone who broke the mold therefore he is a threat hence the constant attacks to frame him as the other.

  • @The Truth As I Know It … Let ME See if You on some REAL Brotha Shit like this here … Let ME See You Fuck with this … .

  • Moon played in an era where it was free run for defenders on QB's and defensive backs could mug WR's all over the field. Moon wasn't on a stacked team like Joe Montana and he didn't have a juggernaut RB and a shut down Seattle defense like Russell had. But Moon won MVP, won offensive player of the year, lead the league in passing in back to back years, 9× pro bowl, and when he retired he was the #3 all time passing leader in NFL history with over 49,000 yards. Plus the NFL wasn't drafting black QB's so Moon had to go to Canada for 5 years where he threw for over 21,000 yards.

    Even at 41 years old and broke down he was #2 in the league in passing and made the pro bowl on a sorry Seattle team in 97.

    Russell has been in a pass happy QB and WR friendly cupcake league for 7 years and has over 25,000 passing yards and he's 30. At his current pace, there's no way he'll retire amongst the top 3 of his era like Moon did in his era. Russell may not even finish amongst the top 10 in yardage by the time he retires.

    So no, Russell is not "EASILY" the best black QB to ever play the game. That's not "hate" you smell, that's those Russell Wilson fan boy panties you got on and need to take off and wash. In my Samuel L Jackson voice, "Context muthafucka, CONTEXT."


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