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Seahawk Maven Q&A #19 (2-13-19)

Seahawk Maven Q&A #19 (2-13-19)

February 13, 2019

With all of the Pacific Northwest snowed in, we received plenty of great questions for our weekly Seahawk Maven Q&A session!

On this week’s installment, reporter Corbin Smith discusses his first impressions on the Alliance of American Football league, continues to shoot down the Seahawks chances at pulling off a potential trade for disgruntled receiver Antonio Brown, investigates a potential reunion for Garry Gilliam in Seattle, and much more!

Thanks for the questions and keep ’em coming each week!


8 Responses to Seahawk Maven Q&A #19 (2-13-19)

  • Nice, need me some Hawk talk.

  • Hope will dissly comes back better than ever go hawks

  • Should we get Jermaine Kearse back?

  • I think the NFL should adopt mandatory 2pt conversion but only in the 4th quarter. This would make games interesting til the end.

  • Why is there no urgency in relation to strengthening our O-line in free agency and the draft? They are still not good.

  • Give Clark his money. Be a dick and TAG trade Doug Baldwin and Thomas..for Antonio Brown and a 3rd or 4th rounder..

  • No Kearse. We are looking to get better

  • We need a DT and an end. Focus yes on clark wilson and Wagner. Dougie is getting old but might be usable in a trade. Thomas is already gone but he didnt have to go this way. Focus on the defense. Get a LE to be with Frank Clark. Let KJ decide if he wants $ or just stay because he loves Seattle is gonna be hard for him he said it himself just like Wagner. Get one the LE in FA and give puuna Ford more play time draft that guy from Florida. Maybe that Delaware safety. Also Bruce Irvin as well we should think about he can play LB and end if needed. We made him a linebacker and he has a few yrs left in him. Sign a semi cheap corner. I like Roby with Griffin who yes needs to stay with his brother because it seems to help the team. Idk why it just does. Also I've always thought Patrick Peterson would be an amazing seahawk and he wants out of Arizona. We then need to draft or sign a SOLID YOUNGER KICKER we should still have Hauschka but that's another story for another day. Wilson must stay same with our backfield it's fine just let them do what they do. Davis might leave but he is very good. Carson and penny keep and look maybe but who knows. Lockett is a keeper. Wilson has great chemistry. Dougie I feel is getting to his end we need to sell now and look to get help same with the line and our WR so we have work that needs done

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