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11 Responses to Seahawk Maven Q&A #34 (6-25-19)

  • Thanks for your patience as we continue to learn how to operate our new live streaming software. What did you guys think of the new setup?

  • I think Dissly will end up as one of the 2 players on the able to return injury reserve list. That will allow him to continue to rehad the knee and allow them to keep the rest of their desired TE's.

  • McDougal aside, who do u think is our next best DB? Shaq right? Love these Q&A's btw #GOHAWKS!

  • What about Joey Hunt? He outperformed Pocic.

  • great Q/A's Corbin. But you need to work on not saying "next question" We all know it's the next question. Even if you replace it with the name of the questioner is better.

  • Jaron Brown also added 15 lbs of muscle this offseason and is running 6'3" 220lbs now so he should be an even better blocking WR this year. I expect him to get more passes his way as RW becomes more trusting of him. He only got 19 targets last year but he was very productive with it catching 14 passes and getting 5 touchdowns. I was surprised they didn't use him more.

  • You cant' teach heighth. Lol, 10+ for DK! Rookie of the year. Finally spread the field for Russell. See DK gettin lots of snaps.

  • You know what RUssel loves? Russell loves winning. Ricky Waters…nice call 12. Thanks Shaun.
    Go Hawks!

  • Maven do you not realize we had 3 backs that switched a lot now we only got 2 yes therebwill be a 3rd back that will play but i doubt that 3rd back will get as much carries as mike davis did unless he plays like mike davis did in my opinion mike davis is a better running back the penny as you could see by the yards and touchdowns between those two last year i also believe davis should have been used more then penny or mike should habe been the number two but why he slept in the endzone when we scored was because he was slept on by the hawks and i bet will shine wherever he is to prove that the hawks did sleep on him but carson should have more 100 yard games then last year considering the 2 back combo instead of 3

  • Joey Hunt has been the back up all offseason. Has ethan pocic seen a single snap at center?

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