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The Pete Carroll show – 10/08/18 – wk5

The Pete Carroll show – 10/08/18 – wk5

October 11, 2018

The full interview of the Pete Carroll show with Brock & Salk, only on 710 ESPN Seattle. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll joined Brock & Salk for his weekly show to talk about the tough game against the Rams, the offense and the timeout at the end of the game.


14 Responses to The Pete Carroll show – 10/08/18 – wk5

  • Great game, Seahawks pullin it all together. Can't wait to see more.

  • Super fun game! Seattle is begging to show there caliber.

  • "I was feeling good about stopping them right there to"… Yikes. Coach is lying on tell the truth monday.

    How can you stop them when an offsides/encroachment gives them a first down?? The defense had no chance. The offense knows the snap count and gets a terrific push. There's no way in hell Pete felt good about stopping them on that play. Everyone knew it was over when they lined up. We had to wait a split second for the ball to be snapped because again, a hard count/offsides ends the game… And that split second is all they needed to dominate the line of scrimmage. Terrible timeout. If you save the timeout the middle of the field is still an option on the next drive… So even the saving time excuse doesn't make sense. That 30 seconds would be saved on the next drive with that timeout…

  • Pete Iced his own D. 🙁

  • How is Davis ? He was walking weird at the end of the game.

  • So this is how you guys do it? I listen to 7:10 a.m. ESPN. That was awesome to watch nice videos

  • I am starting to believe they may be competitive!

  • The running game is getting better each week. GO HAWKS!

  • Rams fan here… I tip my Rams hat to the Seahawks, nice game and my boys needed the test… Tons of bad calls on both teams.. The refs just plain SUCKED

  • Why WASTE your ONLY time out??
    1 min and a time out AND Russell Wilson COME ON.
    Its all about getting the BALL
    Let them PUNT IT

    The Defense could not get of the field (BAD TACKLING)
    Everytime the Rams came on the field…they SCORED!! 4th and 1 and they get 11 wtf??

    We had the Fly Sweep when we had Percy Harvin and teams STOPPED it pretty fast, look at those tapes to see how to stop the sweep
    Surprised you could not stop the sweep, so disappointed in that.

    And also in the first half nobody was covering Gurley coming out of the backfield, he could catch the ball with no one in his face….seriously??

    Oh and PS.
    The Legion of BOOM era is officially OVER 🙁
    Receivers catching the ball in the middle of the field without getting their clocked cleaned, instead running for 10 yards before getting touched 🙁

  • when you fire winning coaches 2 super bowls .mr popeye didnt want the 2nd know 1 yard line 3 downs to gain one yard.and popeye gave it to new england.then popeye fires fires everyone.what a jackass.

  • the more i hear this jackasss the more i want to throw up.seahawks 6 and 10 this year.

  • is it just me, or are those red shoes HIDEOUS! Thats all I can see are your shoes Salk

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