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Twins Beat Mariners in Greatest Comeback This Year | Minnesota Twins vs Seattle Mariners Game Review

Twins Beat Mariners in Greatest Comeback This Year | Minnesota Twins vs Seattle Mariners Game Review

June 12, 2019

The Minnesota Twins beat the Seattle Mariners 6-5 in what I think is the greatest comeback this year. It might not have been the largest comeback, but after our long road trip and a couple of close games on the losing side of things, this comeback was huge to get our momentum back on track. We also hit 2 home runs which means the 2019 Twins have hit the most home runs in the history of the franchise before the All-Star break with 24 games to go.

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10 Responses to Twins Beat Mariners in Greatest Comeback This Year | Minnesota Twins vs Seattle Mariners Game Review

  • i thought we lost there for a couple minutes. twins showing the world they don't need to blow out the other team to win. GREAT WIN!!!!!

  • I think that the twins need a bit more help in the bullpen if that means getting players from Free Agency or Minor league pitchers being called up

  • I was just at this game! It was pretty lit

  • Sano got a clutch home run not too long ago

  • Great video! I really think the twins can do something special this year but personally I feel like over the years Sano has proven he’s can’t hit when we need him it’s either strikeout or homerun

  • We have 2 quality starters that's it. Who's the closer ? Who on earth will close out the enemies ? JFK Jr. Rocco Baldelli was screaming these words at every Twin individually π= ∆ .

  • Rocco Baldelli juggler vein was protruding from screaming these words to every Twin individually ;
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  • Prayers for David Ortiz as he takes his first steps since the hired hit on him.

  • Our newly signed #1 pick saw a hell of a game for his first ever trip to Target Field!

  • Great win!! Bombasquad

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