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10 QUICK EXERCISES | How to improve ball control | COACH MY SKILLS

10 QUICK EXERCISES | How to improve ball control | COACH MY SKILLS

November 19, 2016

►10 Quick Exercises to improve your basic ball control.

►Spend at least 30 seconds on each exercises and focus on quality, not quantity.

►Too challenge yourself begin with doing the ball exercises quicker and if after that you need to challenge yourself more increase the time and concentrate for longer.

►These exercises will help make you a better player and move you towards the path of becoming a great ball control player with the help of CoachMySkills

►Keep practising, if you make mistakes then its only motivation to do better! Don’t stop, attack the exercise again!

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Chris James is a professional football player and former New Zealand International. Through his career experiences he has learned what it takes to become to a professional in the “Worlds Beautiful Game” that is Football and now the time has come to share these with you.

His videos are here to make you become a better player with instructional how to guides of skills, techniques and understanding of the game. You will also have access to behind the scenes look into how he and other professional players and teammates train with training footage.

Finally the question he asks to you is, are you ready to become the best player you can be? If you are, start watching and learning now!

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