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20 Sweet Things to Do With Your Boyfriend – How to Be the Most Romantic Girlfriend Ever

October 15, 2016

Boyfriends are one of the best parts of being a girl — nothing beats having someone get sweet and romantic with you when you need it the most. Being in love is something we should all experience and celebrate everyday. So here are the top 20 sweet things to do with your boyfriend to keep the romance alive and kicking!

  1. Cook him his favorite meal and give him a surprise visit at work, school or football practice.
  2. Treat him to the arcade and play one on one.
  3. Learn three guitar chords and make him a song.
  4. Join him in his favorite Sports game at least once.
  5. Kiss him when he least expects it.
  6. Leave a note in his bag pack telling him how much you’ll miss him.
  7. Offer him a whole body massage.
  8. Invite him over to the rooftop and stargaze all night.
  9. Watch the sunset together.
  10. Bring him to where you first met and then order the same thing.
  11. Get drunk together at least once in your lifetime on a weekend.
  12. Sing to him live — in front of his friends.
  13. Send him a bouquet of flowers — for a change!
  14. Walk hand in hand by the beach, barefoot.
  15. Spray your cologne on his favorite shirt.
  16. Spray your cologne all over his bed!
  17. Don’t forget to tell him how much you love him at least once everyday.
  18. Get on boat ride together. Let him row. Bring an umbrella.
  19. While watching a movie in a theatre, whisper in his ear about your plans together later.
  20. Always give him a long, mingling kiss before parting ways.

Do you want to make every single day a romantic and intense day for you and your boyfriend?

Source by Mark J Hamilton

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