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3 STEP – Stutter Step American Football Drill #1 – Defensive Line Drills

3 STEP – Stutter Step American Football Drill #1 – Defensive Line Drills

October 30, 2016

This is defensive line Drill #1 in the full Stutter Step d line Football Tutorial (watch full video @ The stutter step is a great skill to have. It gives a pass rusher the ability to change the rhythm of his pass rush and keep the OL (Offensive Line) guessing. The stutter step can freeze the hands and feet of the OL giving you that millisecond of an advantage to work the edge and get to that QB (Quarterback).

This football tutorial is Drill #1 of the Stutter Step Drill Series Part 1. Watch it, take it to the field, and get to work! When you stutter, you should take no more than three quick progressing step, which is what these football drills are emphasizing. You can start with either foot, but I like start with my outside foot on the stutter.

Learn how to play American Football with Coach Arpedge Rolle and Five Star Linemen Academy. We specialize in DL (defensive line) and OL (offensive line) drills, skills, and technique. Enhance your football training! Lets Go To Work! These drills were performed with the Nike Agility Web.

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