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49ers Playbook: How the 49ers lost to Seahawks pt 1 of 3

49ers Playbook: How the 49ers lost to Seahawks pt 1 of 3

November 17, 2019

Taking a look at some of the crucial plays that led to the 49ers’s first loss of the season. Episode 1 of 3


27 Responses to 49ers Playbook: How the 49ers lost to Seahawks pt 1 of 3

  • i know the 49ers played the seahags on monday night but i dont recall us losing, also dont remember how i got home…bar receipt says rum was involved

  • Well, apparently, Staley, Person and Garland were, and our WR's didn't run extensions on their routes when Jimmy G was moving around trying to avoid the pressure our OL was allowing. Other than that, i'm not too worried, I would chalk it up to them (OL) being rusty and unprepared…but then again, that surprises me too.

  • Thanks for the breakdown. While we're not happy about the loss, it's important to know the mistakes so they can be corrected. Understanding what happened helps a lot, so this was cathartic for me too.

    3:52 If it was Cover 1 Man, then the ball should have gone to Sanders, who had great leverage on both deep defenders the entire play. Jimmy saw the tight coverage and fighting with Goodwin and threw him the ball anyway. Maybe the concept was for Sanders to draw coverage away from Goodwin, but I would have put Goodwin on a corner route and let his speed get him open, instead of a double move. On the other hand the latter would break his tendencies, which is generally a good thing. At the same time, a double move takes away Goodwin's speed advantage. He does have the agility to do it, but it's arguably not a play for his best abilities. On the other other hand, if Goodwin can do a successful double move and also burn with speed out of the second cut, he's basically unstoppable in any play.

    Also consider whether you drew the route wrong and it's actually not a double move but a corner post. In that case, it's a win if Goodwin can make the catch and take off inside. In that case Sanders drawing the deep defender over opens up the middle of the field for Goodwin. Kyle sort of got too cute. It was a cool play if it worked, but Sanders would have been a better read.

    On review, I like how well Goodwin fought for the route. The only thing wrong was the drop. The pass was arguably a bit off, or the route was off a little.

    What's fun is that the play put the deep defender in a double bind. If so, Jimmy's key read may have been the middle defender breaking on Sanders, in which case the ball should go to Goodwin. In fact, the middle defender broke on Goodwin, so the play possibly should have gone to Sanders. On the bright side, Jimmy had lots of time to throw, so the protection was good on that play, and Jimmy stepped away from pressure successfully. There were some positives.

    6:09 That play was just really well defended. Ken Norton called a good defenses. Throwing the ball away was a correct solution.

  • Dude living is Seattle suuuuuuuuuck!!! Ahh man, it's one thing to lose but to lose and live here. I want to go back home.

  • Double like for expressing your disdain for the Seahawks. Keep doing God's work!

  • I feel ya on the Seattle hate. I was stationed up there for 3 years.

  • I was at the game and i was so mad we lost but niners gonna bounce back against cards this sunday go niners

  • Felt weird “liking” a video breaking down an L. But I appreciate that you provide this content during good times and bad. We will come back stronger from this loss, and will murder them in Seattle week 17 with a healthy Kittle and Sanders. My aunt and uncle from Seattle were visiting last weekend and I had to hear about it too. Fuck the seahawks

  • Damn, Staley and McGlinchey came back for this game but played poorly. Clowney pretty much did what ever he wanted and was a constant disrupter. Jimmy G is still the man, but clearly he still has ways to go. He was very hesitant on a few plays, I can't believe he missed Sanders on that crossing route. He didn't play like this against the Cards the week before, but I'm sure he'll improve.

  • Your a genius bro keep it coming.

  • Kyle Shanahan needs to give you a job Jonny

  • Jonny, I’m with you in that I hate the Seahawks! They always seem so damn lucky. I appreciate the breakdown. It just really did seem like the offense was not executing well. From the line to the receivers, everybody was off their game. And 7 drops, come on guys!

  • At 1:16 you say you were able to score 10 in 15 minutes. That’s true but not necessarily accurate. The story was jimmy g being shook which he was and he threw a pick on the first drive and that drive only happened because of penalties. Watch the game be objective. Cos that first drive was more luck than skill. Like shaquill pick was called back for ticky tacky contact that half the time won’t get called

  • Dwelley doesn’t run the deep Over route like how Kittle does. Good vid jd

  • Jimmy has super bowl losing qb written all over him unless he corrects these mental breakdowns.

  • Seahawks with an on the fly rebuild, never winning less then 9 games since 2011, while making the playoffs and still beating the Whiners ass with their 4 years in last place getting top 5 picks. Its been nice owning the divison since moving over.

  • We were missing our Top TE and Our Starting Center. We were down to one third string TE. This should have been 28-10 at 4th quarter. We should have closed it out in the 4th quarter about 5 times. You are lucky we let you guys even hang around with us. Bobby and KJ dropping INT right to their chest and the 4% chance RW throws the INT ion OT is far worst and less probable then your kicker missing a field also. QUIT IT!!!

  • Actually the Seahawks had a lot of injuries as well, only difference is Russell Wilson is good enough to make up the difference, Jimmy G isn't. Not to mention the terrible officiating that kept the 49ers in the game. If not for that the Seahawks would have won by much more.

  • Bad spot? The play was reviewed. We didnt make the 1st down. Accept it!

  • It’s cuz Russell Wilson Owns your entire franchise in the entirety of his career. Y’all only beat him 3 times

  • Looked to me like Seattle was the much better team period. No ifs ands or buts booty sniffa

  • Coulda shoulda woulda lmao GO HAWKS

  • I subscribe you for a couple of reasons 1 your a Niner,2 you said you hate to lose to any team special Seattle,3 you know your stuff great play by play break down right on bro bang bang Niner Gang

  • I appreciate your takes, Seahawks fan here! I think the whole "I hate the Seahawks" thing is a bit much but I also think you made some valid points. The way I saw it, both teams had some really great play and some sloppy play, both teams had some horrible calls made against them (bad night for refs), came down the the last possession. I think SF has a more talented roster altogether but Seattle gets the edge due to superior coaching and QB play. See you week 17 @ the Clink! Best bring them earmuffs.

  • We hate you mothafuckas too!! Jimmy G string looked rattled under pressure…Yall wasent the only team messing up…we damn near handed yall the game too…Seattle sent the Bay into depression multiple times lets continue this tradition! lmao

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