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Bad Boy Seahawks Are Back  Tough D and Russell Wilson Take Down Host Patriots

Bad Boy Seahawks Are Back Tough D and Russell Wilson Take Down Host Patriots

November 19, 2016

Bad-Boy Seahawks Are Back: Tough D and Russell Wilson Take Down Host Patriots
You are Kam Chancellor, and you are arranged in single scope, wide, against the best tight end to ever play the amusement. On the last damn play. What do you do?

This is your main event. You get despite Rob Gronkowski, you sit tight for the snap and you close him down. The amusement is over, and the Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots, 31-24, at Gillette Stadium.

There are couple of players in the NFL who could stop Gronkowski one-on-one. Ronnie Lott couldn’t stop Gronk without offer assistance. Thor may have some inconvenience. God would have apprehensions. Be that as it may, Chancellor? This is the thing that he does. This is the thing that the Seahawks do.

Seven lead changes, who knows what number of facemasks were split, who knows what number of Super Bowl flashbacks the diversion brought about. Be that as it may, one thing is sure…

…the rebel Seahawks are back.Stop your grinnin’, and drop your cloth. Time to fear the terrible young men from Seattle once more.

We’ve seen this before from the Seahawks, when the group begins moderate and afterward changes—like a geek into a werewolf with a supermoon background—and all of a sudden threatens the association. We are beginning to see that move from mortal to Super Bowl contender yet again.Please comprehend the greatness of what the Seahawks did. They traversed the nation, on a short week in the wake of playing on Monday night, sore and tired, and they physically overwhelmed the Patriots in New England.

How abnormal is the thing that Seattle did? The Patriots drove at a few phases of the final quarter. NBC reported that in the consistent season since 2001, the Patriots were 102-1 when driving at home in the last quarter. 102-1. They now are 102-2.

The Patriots essentially don’t lose at home when they’re driving late, however this is Seattle, and it has long done bizarre things.

“Mental durability, physical strength and never surrendering,” Chancellor said to NBC’s Michele Tafoya after the diversion. “It’s one thing we lecture on our group. We need to battle until we can’t battle [any] more.”


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