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Can Fish Play Football? Fun DIY Aquarium

Can Fish Play Football? Fun DIY Aquarium

December 5, 2019

One day slime Sam found weird creatures in a jar! They were telling him something, but he couldn’t understand. As it turned out these were Samantha’s pet fish! When Sam pointed out that the jar was too small for them, Samantha agreed to make a new large aquarium for them.

To make this aquarium Samantha used Plexiglas and special glue to make everything waterproof. Then she added some stones and nice green grass on the bottom and decorated it to look like a football field, because Samantha loves sports! She even added goal posts made of drinking straws and thread.

Fish need fresh air, so Samantha made an air compressor, too. She used an air pump, plastic tubes, a battery, a switch and wires to make it. And all of that goes into a cardboard box. Only the tube is in the water, so the rest won’t get wet!

After that, Samantha added some water and let the fish in! They seem to enjoy their new spacious apartments!

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