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China’s Football Revolution | Sven Goran Eriksson | Man Utd

China’s Football Revolution | Sven Goran Eriksson | Man Utd

November 6, 2016 &
VO: A modern, vibrant, thriving SHANGHAI is one of fastest growing cities in world, boasting 2 of CSL’s top clubs. Shenua was founded in 1993, their local rivals over at SIPG emerging just 2 yrs ago. Neither Shanghai club could stop Guangzhou Evergrande this week becoming champions of China for 6th successive year. But SIPG’s famous coach believes League is getting stronger & predicts national team is also destined for success.
SVEN: In future I think China will qualify more or less for every WC. SUN: If we can host world cup it will stimulate whole country & that will be great news for us to establish our football.
SVEN: As president said target is to host WC as quick as possible & then he wants to win it. When that happens I don’t know. But I’m sure China will be superpower in football. Young kids are out there playing football & 3 yrs ago when I lived in Guangzhou that never happened.
VO: Bid to qualify for 2018 WC is all but doomed. But China’s Football Revolution is long term ambition.
WAN: Welcome to Suty Lama football academy.
VO: Specialist football schools are key to Gov. blueprint, for achieving country’s sporting goals. A national reform plan highlights importance of youth development & with more than 150M children under 10, some of football’s biggest names are joining search for China’s future stars.
SUN:“Superstars like Michael Owen or Ronaldo, or just community coaches we need them all. Especially community coaches. We need that to help our young children to have a chance to play football.
PTC: Veteran coach Xu Genbao saw the future at the start of the new millennium when he set up a pioneering football academy.
CAI: “He is really Special One in Chinese Football environment. You see in national team now how many players he bring, all from his club. And most important I think he can see the future.
VO: More recently the Chinese Gov. recruited Tom Byer, American coaching guru who became hero in Japan for elevating their national game. He’s heading ambitious programme introducing China’s first designated football schools. Meantime, world’s biggest football clubs know value of Chinese support. 100s of M of fans in China are already passionate about game.
JOSE: We came here for fans. It is because of them. Obviously commercial reasons, but I think in front of that is huge fan base that club has. Decision to come to your country is based on that passion & respect for your fans.
The Chinese government’s masterplan is to make football part of their own cultural and economic future.
SUN: Gov already made policy about football. to push Chinese football development. I think it is great news
SVEN: :Well. I hope in 10 or 15 yrs we can compete with best lgs in Europe
JOEL: In Spain competition is more competitive. In China competition is improving
CAI: In China for sure football is biggest sport & first choice. It’s time for new generation maybe they are 16 yrs old and 5 yrs later they can really go to international stage so you grow seed and you can get something later.
The CSL is backed by money & plenty of it. Champions Guangzhou are part owned by one of world’s richest men. With no shortage of rival investors at home & abroad, China is fast becoming increasingly influencial player. & coaches already in place are starting to dream one day they’ll produce game’s biggest stars.
CAI: We don’t just go randomly. We have our schedule. We have our coaching philosophy. We have v. good foundations.Then at top of pyramid we can have a Chinese Messi.”
JOEL: Chinese football can arrive at this level but I think we need more time.
CAI: I think potential of football in China is huge.
SUN: They are getting better when they are against foreign stars.
VO: Foreign superstars have already enriched CSL brand attracting new fans & media. With more big names recruits being lined up by China’s big spenders that will continue. Meantime, experts all agree tackling grassroots football is key to future of China’s Football Revolution.
CAI: With a lot of investment & right decisions, yeah, we can do this.
JOEL: Here in Jiangsu Suning there are foreigners, players like Ramires, Teixera
SUN: 3 yrs ago players like Hulk & Jackson Martinez, you would never think they would play in China.
CAI: & Chinese players they can learn a lot of things. You can see difference actually.”
JOEL: These guys they are important in a team & Chinese players can see that. And improve to. Thing is when you compete with other teams in a good level, the level improves. Always.
PTC: It’s going to be fascinating to observe progress of Chinese football over next few years. Sooner or later China will stage WC. CSL will get stronger & investment in grassroots football guarantees progress at every level of game.
SVEN: China will be a big power in football in world.That I can guarantee you.
SUN: Maybe we can win Asia cup & we can attend WC & I hope one day I can be proud of my national team. Yes.


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