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CoachUp Football Session | Paul Barber

CoachUp Football Session | Paul Barber

January 22, 2017

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Coach Paul Barber is a football and basketball coach in Staten Island, NY. He has over 20 years experience playing Football. He played Division I Football for North Carolina State University and Hampton University. Currently he coaches high school football and trains several athletes between the ages of 10 and 24.


CoachUp is a service that connects athletes with private coaches. We believe that private coaching is the secret to reaching the next level in sports and life. With thousands of coaches across the country, and hundreds of training sessions happening every day, we are the nation’s leading private coaching company. We are also a team of athletes and coaches, including our founders, Jordan Fliegel (basketball) and Arian Radmand (sailing). And we are dedicated to our mission: help kids change the trajectory of their lives through sports.


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