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Control the ball | ActiveSG Football Academy tutorial Episode 1

Control the ball | ActiveSG Football Academy tutorial Episode 1

October 24, 2016

Watch and learn to play football with weekly tutorials from ActiveSG Football Academy Principal Aleksandar Duric.

Control the ball is the first skill you need in playing football. Here are some tips from Aleksandar:
– Move towards the balll slightly as you get ready to cushion the ball.
– Cushion the ball with the side of the foot to kill the speed of the ball.
– The first touch should protect the ball from opponents.
– The ball should be played into space to allow for next touch.

This series is produced by TODAY Sports.

About ActiveSG Football Academy

Led by former Singapore international Aleksandar Duric, the ActiveSG Football Academy exemplifies his belief in the purposefulness of sport for the development of our young players.

At the Academy boys and girls learn, play and develop progressively through fun exercises, small-sided games and exciting competition.

Beyond the basic skills, your child will learn about the important values such as discipline, respect and team spirit, and acquire valuable life skills including communication, goal setting and problem solving through the game of football.

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