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DreamSquad – Football Manager Android Gameplay

DreamSquad – Football Manager Android Gameplay

February 4, 2017

DOWNLOAD GAME DreamSquad – Football Manager


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Full 3D Football Manager! (Soccer Manager Game)
Please manage the Legendary Dream Team as a Football Coach!
Free Online Football Game to Enjoy with Worldwide!

Come to catch the Devil! Top of the Football Game!
Wait for a new Football Coach in “DreamSquad”!
If you’re dreaming of the ultimate TopEleven a football coach, Get Started now!
This Football Game is enjoy easy and convenient to all.
Please watch the revolt of the Indie game that challenges the Best Football Manager Game!

★ “DreamSquad” – Football Manager Game Features

– You will be able to watch all the games in Full 3D Live.

– The real-time substitutions, tactical changes, and so has the capability to perform a role as a football coach.

– Based on the actual data of world-class soccer players adds realism.

– League, Ranking, Friendly, Tournaments, etc. You can enjoy a variety of football game.

– You can create a completely different player to the training methods.

– You can beat a strong opponent by detailed strategies / tactics.

– The club continues to grow, including through the upgrading of the stadium / supporter / uniforms.

– You can play a friendly match together with friends.

– Enjoy with the Football Coach of the Worldwide in real-time live chat.

★ “DreamSquad” – Football Manager Game Detailed Features

– Dream League
Real football season in the same way as Local league, National League, Asia League, European League, World League exists and should make every effort to climb to the Top. Good grades in the top league offers the best rewards.

– World Ranking
The World Ranking is determined by the random matching for the entire club. You get the best score through the game, comes great reward.

– Evaluation Match
A total of 200 Stage is ready for the AI ​​difficulty, and you can check your skills by evaluating the game and feel the fun out of it conquered.

– Tournament
The tournament like Euro League / Champions League starts twice daily. When achieved good results, the best reward comes with the honor.

– Friendly Match
You can compete with your friends through the club friendlies.

– World Challenge
You can fight the team, led by world-famous Football Coach.

– Manage and Develop Players (TCG elements)
Create your own unique squad in the global football player, you can leave the difference with other clubs. The players and acquire more experience points to level the game progresses, the player can grow a tendency in the direction you want. In addition, a variety of training methods such as player skill / training / equipment / synthesis / combination / enhancement / replacement will be provided.

– Variety Missions / Achievements
Through numerous missions and achievements serves the purpose that must continue to play the game, you can feel the fun of the game through a variety of rewards.

– Real-Time Live Chat
You can Real-Time Chatting with entire world club.

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