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Eddie Lacy Weighs In – Orlando Franklin Released

Eddie Lacy Weighs In – Orlando Franklin Released

May 16, 2017


The Los Angeles Chargers released veteran guard Orlando Franklin today. Franklin, surprisingly is Canadian, and a former member of the Denver Broncos, and played for the Broncos current Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy in San Diego. Broncos fans are speculating on Twitter that John Elway and Mike McCoy will bring in Franklin to add depth to the line. Here at That’s Good Sports Brandon Perna is not sure if that’s a great idea.

The Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy had his first weigh in with the team. Since Seattle signed him from the Green Bay Packers they stipulated in his contract that he has to keep his weight down or forfeit money. This first weigh in was worth $55,000.00, and Lacy had to come in under 255 lbs. He managed to do that by 2 pounds. He was 2 pounds away from losing 55 thousand dollars. Which seems crazy as most people fluctuate in weight by a few pounds every day.

Finally, we explain why The Fumble is the worst channel on all of YouTube for anyone who is a fan of sports. Also Drake and The Rock are mentioned quite a bit in this episode.

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