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Fireworks at the mariners game

Fireworks at the mariners game

September 28, 2016

Guess the fireworks were so amazing and if you were there please tell me because I really want to now and if you did not go I am so sorry 😞😞😞 for you but if watched it on TV yay😄😄😄 but if it hearts your eyes in the beginning I am so sorry I forgot that I zoomed in so I could see mariners play because let’s just say I was on the 2 row that’s why I zoomed in so yeah Talk to you guess tomorrow and I will be going somewhere on the 25th of this mouth so I will not making videos much and we will be there until August 25th to September 5th so yeah sorry and please don’t ask were me and my family is going well just because ssssoooo!!! Yeah and like always like subscribe and comment down below ❤ you guess so much.


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