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Fish Play FootBall

Fish Play FootBall

July 23, 2017

This week’s Japanese Ad is for a PS2 Game.
We begin with a shot of a fish tank that has blue and yellow fish. A man drops a spherical ball thingy into the tank, a girl blows one of those party blower things, and the fish begin playing soccer. One yellow fish hits a blue fish and a penalty is called. So, the yellow fish line up for the blue to take the shot. They have craps as goalies. The blue fish goes for it and makes the score. Everyone cheers. An announcer talks to us about the game as video of said game plays. The ad ends with a fish eating the ball.
I find this really cute. I mean it’s fish playing soccer. What’s not to like? Also, how do we know for sure, it’s CGI? It could be real fish playing football. You never know.


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