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Five Interesting Facts About 49ers And Giants – Great YA Tittle

October 13, 2016

Y.A. Tittle is one of the all time great quarterbacks in National Football League history. He starred for both the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants, even playing for a time for the Baltimore Colts. Following his career he was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Here are five interesting facts about this all time great quarterback.

#1 – Victimizing Three Teams

Taking a quick look at who Y.A. Tittle threw the most touchdown passes against reveals a bit of an oddity. There is actually a three way tie on that list. During his entire career, he threw 244 regular season touchdown passes. The most he threw against any team was 23. He did this against the Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, and Los Angeles Rams.

#2 – The first touchdown pass that he ever threw in professional football came while playing with the Baltimore Colts in 1948. It came in the first quarter of a 45-28 win over the New York Yankees and was part of a four touchdown day for the rookie quarterback. It went for 13 yards and was caught by Billy Hillenbrand.

#3 – The First One To Seven

The NFL record for most touchdown passes thrown in a game is seven and is held by four players: George Blanda, Adrian Burk, Joe Kapp, and Y.A. Tittle. Tittle was the first one to accomplish the feat.

#4 – And… Action!

The 1999 Oliver Stone film Any Given Sunday features a cameo role of Y.A. Tittle playing the part of the head coach of the Chicago franchise.

#5 – I’ll Take Seconds

Of his 244 career touchdown passes, 87 of them came in the 2nd quarter. That is more than one third of all of them.

Source by Mark Peters

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