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Football-Inspired Bodyweight Workout

Football-Inspired Bodyweight Workout

October 22, 2016

Getting bored with your current workout is normal. The same old ab workout or shoulder workout that once made you so sore now feels stale and boring. What’s going on?

It’s called adaptation and it’s a signal that it’s time to try something new!

Fortunately for you I LOVE creating new, interesting bodyweight workouts that you can do anywhere using just your bodyweight. This is the perfect time of year to change things up – fall is coming, football is starting (Go Broncos!) and seasonal training is a smart way to keep your fitness routine fresh, your motivation high, and your body injury free.

This short, no equipment bodyweight workout may seem easy on paper but don’t let it fool you – it’s going to require total body effort to stay in proper alignment as you move quickly between exercises. And if you’re new to these movement patterns it’s ok to slow things down a bit, get control of proper form and then watch as your ability to move more quickly accelerates with practice.

Ok, it’s time to get your game face on and rock this circuit… Read the cues below so you’re clear on how to execute each exercise with perfect form then click here to workout right alongside me!

Happy Fall!

Warm up Exercise:
The goal is to fire up your neuromuscular system for mobility, coordination, and connection in the upcoming workout. Do 10 repetitions per side moving with precision and control:

Alternating Spidey Reaches

The Hustle Your Muscles Workout
Perform this circuit 2 to 4 times through working for 20 seconds then taking 10 seconds to transition into the next exercise. (Total time per round: 2 ½ minutes)

2 – 4 x 20:10
Football Lateral High Knees
Bear Squat & Pushup
Alternating Lunge Hops
Plank Lateral Skier Jumps
2 Jacks & 1 Squat Thrust

P.S. Form Cues for Perfect Execution:

Alternating Spidey Reaches

Begin in high plank position with hands set under shoulders and chest drawn forward. Engage quads, brace abs and remain stable through hips as you move.
Drive right foot up toward right hand pausing to set foot on floor then reach the right hand skyward opening chest to the right.
Return hand to floor and leg into plank. Alternate sides.
Modify by stepping only as far forward as you can with proper alignment. Press down into the floor to lift arm toward the sky and remain buoyant through the hips and torso.
Football Lateral High Knees

Alternate driving each knee up toward the chest as if sprinting in place, but move three steps to the right then three steps to the left. Pause each time before moving in the opposite direction.
Pump the arms and stay connected to core with chest lifted.
Land lightly on the balls of the feet and transition quickly from side to side.

Bear Squat & Pushup

Begin in a high plank position with hands set under shoulders, fingers spread wide, and chest drawn forward as legs lengthen back. Engage quads and core in this position.
Keeping arms straight press body backward (like a crouching down dog) creating a deep knee bend while keeping spine long.
Launch body forward into high plank and engage core and quads. Lower immediately into a pushup then press up to plank again.
Repeat the bear squat and push up – modify by placing hands on a bench, coffee table, or counter top until flexibility allows for a lower position.

Alternating Lunge Hops

Begin standing in an athletic stance*.
Step one leg back onto ball of foot and drop knee toward mat.
Keep weight shifted onto front leg, specifically driving up through the heel and glutes of that front leg as you return to standing. Hop to switch sides, landing softly into the lunge with a staggered landing – posted leg lands first then the trail leg lands as the back knee softens down into the lunge.
Repeat hopping from side to side for the designated time.

Plank Lateral Skier Jumps

Begin in a high plank position with hands set under shoulders, chest drawn forward and quads engaged.
Bend knees and spring both feet up toward right hand. Jump back to plank with soft knees the quickly spring feet up toward the other side.
Keep feet together as you spring from side to middle to side.
Keep your chest drawn forward, your elbows & knees like shock absorbers and land softly rebounding right away to the middle or other side.

2 Jacks & 1 Squat Thrust

Knees stay soft as you jump feet apart and together.
Raise arms out to the side and overhead as feet jump out. Lower arms back down as feet jump together.
Stay lifted through the core – Perform 2 Jumping jacks then go into the squat thrust:
From standing squat down placing hands on the floor shoulder width apart. Jump feet back into a high plank position.
Immediately jump feet back up toward hands and stand up.
Repeat 2 Jumping Jacks and 1 Squat Thrust for the designated time.

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