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Grey Sunderland Faceoff Midfield Class of 2020 Seattle Starz West Coast Bellevue Lacrosse Video

Grey Sunderland Faceoff Midfield Class of 2020 Seattle Starz West Coast Bellevue Lacrosse Video

February 2, 2017

Grey Sunderland. Class of 2020 Faceoff Midfielder from Bellevue, Washington. Seattle Starz, West Coast Starz, Team US Box Lacrosse, Bunch National-Team 12 National. Bellevue High School 9th-grade video from Fall 2016 competition.

Seattle Starz Bunch Nation Team 12 National Bellevue High School West Coast Starz Tahoma Skyline PLC Peninsula Lacrosse Club Sweetlax LB3 Top Gun Fighting Clams Maryland Rough Riders Philadelphia Freedom Valhalla Norcal Braves 2019 3d Southland ADVNC San Francisco East Bay Mad Dog Alcatraz Outlaws Red Team LA Heat Booth Indians SoCal Express Team US Box Lacrosse

Events: Faceoff Academy National Showcase FOA FOANS16 WHSBLA UPLAX Fall Shootout NXT Philly Freshman Showcase NXTPFS16 Emerald City Showdown Adrenaline Challenge ADRLN Challenge 3D D1 Rising Showcase STX 3D Rising Sandstorm Festival Fall Ball Recruiting Rundown

Locations: Washington California Maryland Arizona Pennsylvania New Jersey Waldwick Superdome Downington Bellevue High School BHS Wolverine Way Phoenix Sammamish Maple Valley Annapolis Del Mar Polo Fields Reach 11 Sports Complex Empire Polo Grounds United Sports Training Center South River High School Pine Lake Middle School

Plays/Positions: dodge swim face off faceoff fogo jump ground ball gb goal lefty righty midfield midfielder middie shoot shot lacrosse lax rip fake clamp plunge rake jump jam toe drag roll dodge spin dodge ice pick lazer laser pinch jam defensive midfielder man up man down offensive midfielder pop bounce shot assist roller

Equipment: Under Armour Highlights STX Dual Head and Shaft Brine superlight gloves Cascade CPXR R Under Armour bicep pads Warrior bag Shock Doctor Mouthguard ECD Hero Mesh semi-soft Gait Rib Guards

Divisions: Class of 2020 2019 9th-grade 9/10 high school Midget


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