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How to Be a First Base Coach

October 17, 2016

Oh boy, the regular first base coach is working late and the team needs a first base coach. Could you step in and do the job?

Even if you’ve never coached before here are some youth baseball coaching tips to get you through the game.

The First Base Coaching Box

The first base coach stands in the coaches box located to the right of the first base bag. The rules state the coach cannot leave the box during the inning of play.

The First Base Coach Duty The duties of the first base coach is as follows:

    * Let the batter know to stay at first or advance to second
    * Let the runner on first base known to advance on a ball that get past the catcher
    * Remind the runners how many outs there are
    * Inform the runners what to be ready for (line drive, pass ball, etc.)
    * Be a cheerleader

The Decision A First Base Coach Must MakeThe coach needs to make a quick decision on a basehit; to send the batter to second or stay at first. He has to ask himself three questions. Based on the answers there are three scenarios:

    * Is there going to be a close play at first?
    * Is the ball going past the infield?
    * Is the ball going into the gap between outfielders?

If there’s going to be a close play the first base coach tells the batter to run as fast as he can “through” the base. In this situation the objective is to have the batter reach first safely.

If the ball is going past the infield he tells the batter to make “the turn”, “The turn” is a technique for batters to touch first base and position themselves on a direct line to second base. The batter touches the base and takes five steps past it. At this point the batter is in a position to advance or retreat.

If the ball is going into the gap between outfielders the first base coach give the sign to continue to second base. This is usually done verbally while waving the right arm in circle ((like you were holding one end of a jump rope). Once the batter has reaching second base the third base coach takes over the communication.

There is one thing a first base coach cannot do and that is to aid the runners or batters on a live ball. Any physical contact with the runner is ruled an out and the coach gets a warning not to do it again.

Even if you’ve never coached before these youth league baseball tips will get you through the game.

Source by Robert Bulka

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