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How To Relax In Football And Calm Your Nerves

How To Relax In Football And Calm Your Nerves

August 10, 2017

Today we are covering How To Relax In Football And Calm Your Nerves! This includes how to deal with pre game nerves and also how to remain calm when you find yourself in the middle of the storm (the match)!

How To Calm Your Nerves And Relax In Soccer (First Video):

Soccer Mentality (Visualization):

Wim Hof Method:

How To Deal With Pressure In Soccer:

Nervousness in football both before the match has started and when you’re right in it is actually quite common. In this video I am going over how to relax in soccer while in the moment, why you can’t relax in the first place, and some things you can do pre game in order to remain calm in football as well.

How To Deal With Pressure In Soccer #1

This first one is probably the biggest culprit when it comes to being nervous in matches and that is overthinking!

When you start getting into your head and start doubting yourself, you will trip yourself up. You don’t really have too much time to think in football anyway, so try and stop this altogether. Ultimately, you want to be acting mainly on instinct in your matches. By overthinking, you are fighting against your instincts which usually ends badly.

How To Deal With Pressure In Soccer #2

One of the best ways to remain calm is to practice! If you go into a match prepared, you will be less nervous. Imagine going into a test at school without having studied. Guess what? You’re gonna be nervous.

But if you go into that test completely prepared, you’ll be much more confident in your ability to ace it which leads you to being confident in yourself.

Same goes in football. If you go into a game having worked hard in practice and having become competent, you’ll be less nervous going into the match and will exude confidence.

How To Deal With Pressure In Soccer #3

The next natural step is to believe in yourself. Some players will go through the practice step only to still not believe in yourself. THAT GOES AGAINST THE WHOLE POINT OF PRACTICING!

You practiced for a reason. To get better so you could deal with these in game situations. Don’t start doubting your training or start to go against what you’ve worked on. Stick to what you did in training and you’ll be way less nervous.

How To Deal With Pressure In Soccer #4

Going off that last point is you want to play to strengths. Now that you are well practiced, you should be able to identify what your strengths in soccer are and what your weaknesses in soccer are.

PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS! Why would you deliberately seek out situations that play to your weaknesses? (some players actually do this). Look, definitely work on your weaknesses in training, but in matches you want to play to your strengths as often as possible.

Sure, you may be forced into situations that you’re weak in, but don’t force yourself into that corner. Footballers play to their strengths so as not to expose their weaknesses. Do the same in matches, then work on your weaknesses in training.

How To Deal With Pressure In Soccer #5

Next is such a simple idea but is so important. FOCUS IN SOCCER! Don’t let your mind wander, don’t worry, and don’t overthink. If you are focused, you will have very few thoughts .

This is how to calm your nerves, get in the moment and focus. If you find yourself out of the moment and thinking too much, get yourself back into the moment. Mindful meditation will help with this if you’re interested.

By getting in the moment, you’ll also induce a flow state. This is absolutely where you want to be. You will play your best football if you’re in the flow state.

How To Deal With Pressure In Soccer #6

This is another big one. Bounce back from your soccer mistakes in the moment. If you let it effect you, it’ll play on your mind the whole match and take you out of the moment.

Analyze your football mistakes after the match. In the moment, just move on!

How To Relax Before A Football Game

Okay, so here are a few things you can do pre game in order to calm those nerves a bit.

First is visualize. If you want to learn more about this, take a look at the video I linked towards the top of this, some great info in there!

Next is BREATHE! It’s amazing how often we forget this. You calm down when you take a deep breath. You can do this in the moment and you can also do the Wim Hof method before matches which I have linked above.

Next, slow down. This is something you can do in game, or something you can do before the game. Just relax, breathe, calm your mind and mentally tell yourself to slow down. It may seem simple, but it works.

Finally, take it easy before matches. Don’t get too worked up about it and stick to whatever pregame ritual you have. don’t change up the ritual of the game is more important, stick to the same one.

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