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King Of The Sea II! Round 1 Game 2 SEAHAWKS Vs

King Of The Sea II! Round 1 Game 2 SEAHAWKS Vs

March 4, 2017

King Of The Sea II! 2 runde

WELCOME. To the stream and Rottweiler.-Gaming – This stream is a a place where we lorn from eche other so if you have some god tips for me, join the chat . if you have any questions i will try to answer them hopefull with the help from my chat..

Frist i will say sorry for my engllish i am getting better we all have to start some where. i am not making youtube becuse i am better then anyone i make videoes to entertain so thank you for watching. i will show my perspective on things in a philsofich way in alot of different games.

i am not better then you and are not trying to be.

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Rang 4 i Dansk gaming battlefield 1 med scout . Oldboys Gaming 30+ Danish / English

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