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LFL 2009/10/09 – Seattle Mist at Denver Dream

LFL 2009/10/09 – Seattle Mist at Denver Dream

April 30, 2017

This is the fabled final 2009 home game of the Denver Dream – played outdoors in 20° weather (factoring in windchill)…and in traditional LFL attire!

The Dream are back for 2017 (FINALLY!), and I’m glad that they’re now playing indoors…but still, there was something epic about this night. I’m sure no one who was there will ever forget the experience!

Oh, and that touchdown and celebration by Lindsay Q. at 1:07:40? She’s back on the team for 2017!

So, no, this video isn’t HD…we didn’t get HD online the first season. Apparently sportscastlive no longer exists, but presumably it’s owned by the LFL…but, I was so inspired by having my home team back and seeing them play live after SO LONG…I couldn’t resist posting it!


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