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Locked On Seahawks (10/15/19) — Phil Haynes, Demarcus Christmas Set to Return

Locked On Seahawks (10/15/19) — Phil Haynes, Demarcus Christmas Set to Return

October 19, 2019

The Seahawks didn’t make any splashy moves like the Rams did on Tuesday, but the team will welcome back two promising rookies this week in Phil Haynes and Demarcus Christmas. Locked On Seahawks hosts Corbin Smith and Rob Rang discuss the potential impact both first-year players could make coming off the PUP list, revisit the careers of several former Seahawks who also excelled with the Ravens in our annual “Throwback Tuesday” segment, and share offensive observations from Sunday’s win in Cleveland.


11 Responses to Locked On Seahawks (10/15/19) — Phil Haynes, Demarcus Christmas Set to Return

  • Hey Corbin? Do you see the team going to a 5-2-4? The team has no pass rush, and they need to manufacture some of that… The 5-2-4 makes so much sense, via extra pressure on those young QBs, and with Lamar Jackson coming in to town, it makes even more sense (redundant, I know).
    What are your thoughts? How will the team scheme, to turn up the pressure? Thanks, and Go 'Hawks!

  • Damn uploaded this right after I got back from dinner.

  • Could'a had Favre… But we also could of drafted Todd Marinovich… So I guess Dan McGwire was a push?? lol
    Not really a push… I was 11, during that 92 season. I missed Dave Krieg, and thought the team was going to go 0-16… That Defense though, was so great!

  • Sam Addams was a great Seahawk. That 92 defense was no joke. To bad we had a shit owner. Behring was a Daniel Snyder type owner. Behring was the reason Dan Mcgwire was drafted instead of who Chuck Knox wanted Brett Favre.

  • Jalen Ramsey is a Ram, Marcus Peters is a Raven. Interesting trades today.

  • If u don't know any of those guys (Forsette, Adams, Etc) you might be a band wagonner, or very

  • Keep on signing this Colbert dude but why the fuck aint he playn wake me up when he gets in the game

  • Just a thought on ET III coming to town with a none of contention to pick with Coach Carroll an co. It would be a big mistake on Earls part to not extend an olive branch. This group is tight this year, and B Wags ain't gonna tolerate any foolish smack from him. Earl is an emotional, passionate competitorwho sometimes wears that heart on his sleeve. A little humility would go a long ways for him this weekend. End rant

  • The rams had to do something after the humiliating loss to the 49ers or else the team would have no hope to compete for the nfc west title. Even with Ramsey I don't forsee Goff getting any better throwing against pressure or Todd Gurley getting back to 2018 form.

  • The Horsecollar rule in the NFL for QBs goes down to the name plate on the jersey back. This was clear on what I saw for the play

  • Forsett was little beast. Two wildcard teams in the NFCW this season?

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