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Mariners vs nationals

Mariners vs nationals

May 26, 2017

“A New Era in Online Baseball on MLB THE SHOW:”

BallParkLegends is a club formed by a group of friends looking to have a solid online baseball league that finishes yearly.

Once affiliated with similar style leagues with similar goals, we’ve formulated a collective of ideas that has long been needed for online baseball gaming. We’re building this club/franchise around KEY Statistical Awards that will intrigue many of the true fans of the game.

We do not expect this club to be a fit for everyone, with a clear and direct recruting process we are seeking clean, legit, and fair players of MLB The Show, that can grasp the fundamental core that we have put together. Along with having a solid interent (WIRED) connection, these players/members are expected to be the group of individuals that are true LEGENDS in online baseball play on the Playstation Network.

To those persons we are happy to dub the statement “Legends Have Landed!!!” PSN-KingK-01


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