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MLB The Show 16: Athletics Franchise at Mariners [S5 G67, Ep. 122]

MLB The Show 16: Athletics Franchise at Mariners [S5 G67, Ep. 122]

September 29, 2016

FAQ (Also check this is you’re going to comment about a trade):

Q: What difficulty do you play on?
A: Hall of Fame for hitting and pitching.

Q: What base running do you use/why do you use auto base running?
A: I use classic (using R1 and L1) and I don’t use auto. The game glitches out and keeps showing it as auto in-game.

Q: What type of hitting do you use?
A: Directional.

Q: How many seasons are you going to do?
A: I don’t know. I’ve never started a series and said “I’m only going to post this for a certain period of time”.

Q: Will you start a *insert team* franchise?
A: No. The’s A’s are my franchise team and this series will be going until I stop posting MLB 16.

Q: Make a trade.
A: This is more of a demand but it still falls under here. Out of the thousands of trade demands I get in my comments 99% of them are “trade for superstar” or something completely ridiculous like “trade for *insert top 5 prospect in all of baseball* even though you’re a playoff contender and in order for that to be realistic you need to be rebuilding and trade away a ton of MLB talent”. So that’s why I don’t listen to trade requests.

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