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My LIVE Carlos Gonzalez Experience

My LIVE Carlos Gonzalez Experience

February 28, 2020

Hey Everyone Welcome Back to my Channel ! Today is a FUN Video. If you have not tuned in to my channel before or do not know me personally Carlos Gonzalez is my ALL TIME FAVORITE player well actually favorite of life to be honest. If you keep up with baseball you’d know that he recently sign with the Seattle Mariners and lucky for me I live in a state where baseball is all round starting with Spring Training. I hope you guys enjoy this mini taste of what happens when I get to see Carlos Gonzalez throughout the baseball season. BTW this is probably the best conversation I have had with him without stuttering lol. When I say he’s one of the best players I have met is because he truly is and I hope this video can give you guys an idea of why he’s my favorite player. I hope you guys enjoy! Please don’t forget to subscribe, share, and like !


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