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25 Responses to NFL IS RIGGED! Seahawks vs. Packers First Down

  • Aye bud, pause at 3 seconds. Screenshot and zoom in on the sticks. The imaginary 1st down line is about a foot and a half ahead of the sticks. I get your point, but it was a good call.

  • The imaginary line is never on point.

  • The first down stick cam is behind that hash. The yellow line at 4:10 shows the yellow imaginary line on the other side of the hash. Jimmy's and homeboys elbow landed right before the hash. So it was right on first down.

  • Like this person said below, the line wasnt accurate and you can clearly see that unless you are blind… Even if he didnt get the first down, it would of been 4th and inches and GB would of gone for it and gotten it and the game would of been over… You idiots that think the ref screwed over Seattle are dumb af… GB was not gonna punt so therefore Seattle would have not gotten the ball like you clowns think… People actually think, GB would of punted and Seattle would of marched down the field and scored the GW TD when in reality, they wouldnt of scored… No one ever mentions the blatant point shave by the Packers… They had 28 points with 7 mins left in the 3rd, they finished with 28 points… This team should of scored at least 40… But they dont want people to think the Packers have a chance next week

  • its a first down nfl is not rigged he rolled in for a first down holding the ball so don't say nfl is rigged.

  • If you look the line is off by half a foot the chains on the sideline clearly show that. If you looked

  • I see elbow and had touching first but immediately the elbow from packer's receiver but yeah its way before the 1st down marker so this should had been 4th and inches

  • Look at the orange marker not the yellow line!!!

  • clownnnnnn. you have 38 subs for a reason

  • It was 4th and inches and the NFL is rigged but that's a very tiny difference it would've made. Inches for Rogers is just about automatic.
    His 4th down conversion ratio is incredible. It's rigged but this isn't why.

    The Chiefs will have the Superbowl handed to them. There propping up Mahomes this year.

  • the two games that had most controversial calls involved chiefs and packers. 49 ers game was a viking ly down, no controversy needed. same with ravens laying down.last year pats vs chiefs has bad calls and the famous no p i call in the rams saints game. packersvs chiefs 100 state farm nfl anniversary. rematch of 1st super bowl and whole other things.

  • Too bad it wasn’t freaking rig the red chain on the sideline is actually where the first down marker is the yellow line is unofficial imaginary line for television audience fox the channel got it wrong you should be going after fox also what about the fumble that we didn’t get earlier in the game when it was clearly a fumble and recovered by the Packers!

  • They should have brought the chains out but no

  • On the bottom right you can see that it’s 3rd & 9. When you get the first done it’s always 1st and 10 meaning that Greenbay got 1 yard throughout those three plays. So the original spot of the ball on the first down was on 46 yard line of Seattle. This mean that in order to get a first down, greenbay has to get to the 36. This mean the line isn’t wrong, but the marker is. When Graham falls, he is inches away from the first yard line. This means it would have been 4th and Inches. So this concludes that he was truly short.

  • The yellow line is not official

  • Either you are an idiot or you know nothing about football. The yellow line doesnt mean anything it is the sideline markers that matter. Maybe if people understood that more, people like you wouldn't be whinning.

  • He's definitely short of the yellow drawn line…but not of the orange first-down marker on the sideline of the field. At 0:17, you can see that the first down marker is to the left of the yellow line by nearly half a yard. Looks to me like Graham got the ball to that orange marker for the first down when he was dragged down.

  • It isn’t rigged the yellow line wasn’t in the right spot look at the chains on the sideline and you’ve got my proof on why he did

  • The 'Vegas effect', (or is it affect, Don?)is all too real in pro sports.
    There surely must've been a better look, which never saw the light of day. We need more testimony from new witnesses! There wasn't enough proof to overturn the call on the field.
    Besides, we have no respect for the rule of law here anyway, so let's just continue to let the ones with fat wallets run everything.
    Don't struggle it won't hurt so bad.

  • Fuck all you muthafuckas have a good day lol

  • Seahawks fan here… that is definitely a first down.

  • GB would have gone for it 4 and inches getting the first down.

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