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Nick Wright reacts to Baker Mayfield rips refs after Browns' loss to Seahawks

Nick Wright reacts to Baker Mayfield rips refs after Browns' loss to Seahawks

October 19, 2019

Nick Wright reacts to Baker Mayfield rips refs after Browns’ loss to Seahawks


29 Responses to Nick Wright reacts to Baker Mayfield rips refs after Browns' loss to Seahawks

  • Mayfield has always been a douche bag. He's easy to root against going back to his college crotch grabbing days. He's so overrated. Not overly athletic. what a clown!

  • The refs are definitely an excuse but unless it was some saints vs Rams shit then you have 60mim to win, so you also have ur own play to blame

  • The refs ruled that TD pass and catch a fumble in the end zone, which was clearly recovered by Cleveland, which SHOULD have been a TD… but then they treated it like an incomplete pass EVEN after the Browns challenged the ruling. That made NO sense to me and should have been a CLE TD….. and I was cheering for the Seahawks lol. Browns will be ok, they have had the brutal 1st half half schedule, the 2nd half schedule they could easily go 7-1 or 8-0.

  • Reffs suck so bad …banned subject not allowed to mention?

  • Why is it the quarterbacks fault if a reciever drops a pass and is picked by a defender though?

  • That’s not fair because baker is the longest tenured browns qb. Eric Man. Couldn’t make it as a browns coach so he should close his mouth

  • All respect to Nick wright making things happening for himself but his voice is cringey

  • Browns are sloppy. Not just turnovers but lots of penalties too.

  • I remember whose fault it was when mangini tried to be mr hardass belicheck

  • Eric Man-genius is a Horrible Coach he also sucked when he was with Cleveland. So many of Bakers Interceptions are deflections that bounce right into the defenders arms. So not all of the blame is on baker.. Kitchens CLOCK management is Horrible. at halftime he didn't use all the clock to keep the Seahawks off the field before half.

  • It's all on the coaching, and yes the referees have ALWAYS been hard on Cleveland

  • No, you do, got to get Odell Beckham, more touches. And stop trying to make him look like. That Odell, don't deserve the life, that he's living. He's worked very hard for what he has. And has even won an NFL Super Bowl Ring. If I'm not mistaken. So he deserves, every last ounce of respect. That any, up and coming and rookie football player, can give him. So with that being said. The browns have more than enough pieces. To go real far this season. If they want to. And they can focus on playing team football. Nick Chubbs. That other good wide receiver. That I can't think of his name right now. ODB. And many other running backs, recievers and defenders. That all do a very good job, at their positions. Trying to keep baker. And his side arm, throwing behind, out of out of trouble. He needs to do more. And more now, sooner than later.

  • I personally think Eric is loving our troubles .

  • Baker Mayfield, professional clown

  • Baker: “the refs are never an excuse, but I’m about to blame the refs for everything”

    Typical Baker bullshit, dude is a fraud

  • The refs were bad, but aren't there bad calls in every game??? I'll reiterate what others have already said, and that's that Baker was the one throwing behind his receivers and causing the interceptions, not the refs. So stop crying! There were calls on both sides that could have gone either way. All I hear about is the calls the Browns THINK they didn't get. But what about the ones they did? Like that OBJ catch that was clearly out of bounds?! I thought Pete was going to challenge that. I think if he did, it would have been overturned. I can't believe it was called a catch to begin with tho. The Tyler Lockett TD that was ruled down at the 1?! Was there enough evidence to overturn a called touchdown? I think not. And the stoppage in play (I think in the 3rd quarter) that would have netted the Seahawks a first down?? "There is no foul on the play." The ref just wasn't ready?! wth??
    The Seahawks won. It wasn't the refs fault that Baker was inaccurate and the Browns couldn't hold on to a 20-6 lead. Stop crying!

  • the Refs were shitty in that game and in the nfl as a whole, #GetFuckingProRefs

  • Oh you mean how Odells "catch" wasn't one?

  • Baker made a lot of inaccurate throws.

  • There’s no excuse for that pivotal call on Landry. And Mangini is a PoS.

  • I heard 7 of Baker's interceptions were off the hands of his receiver's, does anyone know if that's true or not?

  • Wait I saw the Lions lose due to referees calling fouls that were not. The browns loss is on them.

  • "The refs are never an excuse but…". Lost all respect for this man right there. Always thought him a shaky player but this is a cnew low.

  • I know it's fashionable to bash the Browns, in generally and specifically Mayfield, but after watching NFL football this weekend I think it's time to address the officials incompetence. The NFL seem to be more interested in their image instead of fixing the problem. By employing some sort of referee in the box to catch missed calls and/or miscalls they could help the poor officiating by using technology. Get rid of the "coach challenge" and just have an official correct any and all missed calls or bad calls.  If a football analyst can point out mistakes on t.v., why can't the NFL have someone watching the games and catch these obvious errors?

  • I like Manginis take on this

  • No one is talking about the Seahawks and Wilson being MVP! What a hot take! What world is this chick loving in?

  • Baker Mayfield is the next Ryan Leaf

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