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Pull Push Inside – Static Ball Control Drills – Soccer (Football) Coerver Training for U8-U9

Pull Push Inside – Static Ball Control Drills – Soccer (Football) Coerver Training for U8-U9

October 21, 2016

Static ball mastery drills like these are very important for the development of ball coordination and soccer skills.
Many ball control exercises are the basis for more complex soccer moves and techniques.
Master these and you will master the ball. When you master the ball, you master the game.

All you need for this soccer practice is a square meter on the lawn. You can train them even on the carpet in the living room.

Soccer coaches should incorporate these drills in their soccer training or warm-up time before a soccer game.


This drill builds on the Pull Push Inside (Static Ball Control Drills for U6-U7). This time the player jumps on the support foot while doing the exercise.

When starting with the right foot:
(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

1. Stand behind the ball (ball before right foot).
2. Reach for the ball with the ball of the right foot.
3. Pull the ball back.
4. Jump on the support foot (left foot).
5. Lift the foot of the ball to bring it in position to push the ball forward.
6. Push the ball forward with the inside of the right foot.
7. Jump on the support foot (left foot).
8. Continue steps 2-7.

Things to watch out for:

a. Don’t stand rigid on the legs but flex the knees a bit.
b. Bend the knee a bit more on kicking the ball forward. This will help to keep the balance.
c. Keep a straight line at all times.
d. Don’t turn the support foot inward but open up the hips to get a 90° angle of the kicking foot in order to kick the ball forward.
e. Jump on the support foot for every action of the other foot (pull and push).

Lars Schelfhout is born in February 2006 and lives in Belgium.
He started his football career rather late as a U9.

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