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Recapping Sunday's Tough Loss vs. Seahawks | Cleveland Browns Daily 10/14

Recapping Sunday's Tough Loss vs. Seahawks | Cleveland Browns Daily 10/14

October 19, 2019

Beau and Nathan recap a tough loss to the Seahawks. The guys hear from HC Freddie Kitchens in hour one and in hour two Browns great Joe Thomas joins the program (starting at 51:39 into the show) to help us figure out what went wrong Sunday.

Cleveland Browns Daily is hosted by Browns senior media broadcaster Nathan Zegura and Emmy award-winner Beau Bishop. It offers comprehensive coverage and analysis of the team both on and off the field, broadcast directly from the Browns’ facilities. The live stream is presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

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14 Responses to Recapping Sunday's Tough Loss vs. Seahawks | Cleveland Browns Daily 10/14

  • 3 ints, 1 fumble, a blocked punt, a turnover on downs, a raft of stupid penalties, bunch of dropped passes, throwing away challenges, and poor clock management.

    Not going to beat many teams turning in that performance.

  • It can be fixed. But it won’t be because our coach is incompetent

  • Less commercials more practice eh Baker?

  • Do you have the stat where we and the dolphins are the only teams without multiple passing tds in 1 game all season… A qb last i checked should have at least accomplished that by week 6. Don't know if it's credible but interesting.

  • Never an excuse to not give the ball to Chubb on 3rd and 1. Situational play calls are another big area of improvement.

    The D-line should be touted as THE biggest disappointment this season. What has Richardson and Vernon added? Is it due to CB injuries? Dunno but they are not performing anywhere near expectations. Story of the season.

  • Wilson didn't impress me though. What passes can he complete before a play breaks down. His guys are also helping by coming back to the qb when he leaves the pocket its not all him.

  • Kitchens quote… It's not rocket science? BS it is a science knowing and studying your opponent. These defenses aren't free roaming d's around the league there are coverages. Knowing how to move defenders as a player and pull coverages around to create openings is designed and taught. The guys getting open on some plays and not hit should be a first look not a progression look. Seeing when a defender is blitzing knowing where hes supposed to be then hitting the guy hes supposed to be on for an open or 1 on 1 guy is learned. If guys don't understand what their job is how can they do it. Example guy trying to get in for a td what is the receiver next to him not helping push? Because he doesn't know his job. He's in that position for a reason and vice versa. One catch one block simple right? Not from what i seen. The discipline starts with coaching. I don't care who the player is they're all men who are separated by inches lbs and hundredths of a second from one another some just have that thing called intelligence and motivation to want to be great. Do they want greatness? They do. Do they know what it takes to be great? Right now I'd say no. If they did guys wouldn't be nursing hammys and not playing when healthy. Say what you want but this team everyone knew and believed they would be great. My take was baker needs to stay healthy. But where is he? Sorry for the rant but this is my therapy Joe Hawk yourselves lol. Also another good show love it all. Now lets go Browns! Woof woof woof!

  • If only our team played like this broadcast of the radio show. Professional. In sync. Work well together. Know how to carry themselves when they're not on air. Love these guys!

  • Freddie gets overwhelmed. He's just not cut out to be a head coach.

  • My question is why the hell are we going 5 wide like 40% of the time and 90% of the time in the red zone? Yo Freddie the receivers aren't getting open run the ball. You should only go 5 wide like 1-5% of the time.

  • Got friends in oklahoma losing faith in baker.. They feel sorry for browns fans..

  • Jesus Christ if Freddie says "do your job" ONE more time…

  • Takes courage to be a BROWNS fan!!! Stay POSITIVE, we need GOOD vibes to translate into WINS rather than feeling sorry for ourselves. 11 games yet, we can learn and still turn it around!!!

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