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Seahawks FanTable Steamcast 11-9-16 #109

Seahawks FanTable Steamcast 11-9-16 #109

November 10, 2016

Sam, Zeb and Ross talk about the Seahawks and they are #2 in the NFL at 5-2-1.

Pulse of the team – Russell Wilson looks healthy, Jimmy Graham has his 3rd 100-yard game and 2 TDs, Defense won only its second game when letting an opponent score 25+ points, Running game is still missing.
Topic #1 Mid-Season Report – Offensive/Defense MVPs – Surprise of the Year – Play of the Year – Goat of the Year
Topic #2 Concussions – Are the new rules preventing concussions or are the rules just getting in the way of things?
Topic #3 The Homer Corner – Who wins Jeopardy; Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking or Richard Sherman?
Topic #4 The Offense – Abandon the Run and trust in Wilson, Baldwin and Graham?
Topic #5 New England Patriots – Tom Brady and Bill Bilicheck
Topic #6 How did the Seahawks get to 5-2-1? Smoke and Mirrors or the real #2 team in the NFC?


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