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Seahawks Stayin’ Alive – Roosevelt Elementary & Greg Otterholt

Seahawks Stayin’ Alive – Roosevelt Elementary & Greg Otterholt

January 22, 2017

Featuring the rising stars of Roosevelt Elementary in Bellingham, WA… as they reverse the play to try and encourage all the heroes of the Seattle Seahawks and now inspire them to play their very best again this weekend. GO HAWKS!!!

Roosevelt is a school with a special focus on the arts and the incalculable benefit that music, drama, design, and dance all have in educating the whole child.

The Arts are the commodity of connectivity… through creativity.

Combining reading, writing, arithmetic and the arts is simple math. The equation encapsulates all our dreams, goals, imagination and aspirations of who we could add up to be.

Video and music created and performed by Greg Otterholt – Hook & Pan Productions.
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