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Seattle 11/3: Why Was Seahawks Deceased Owner and Billionaire Paul Allen in Epsteins Black Book?

Seattle 11/3: Why Was Seahawks Deceased Owner and Billionaire Paul Allen in Epsteins Black Book?

October 19, 2019

Last week during the random Blackouts in several communities and cities in Northern California PG&E and local officials were using the term ‘red flag’ for communities that were going to lose their power during what they were calling a ‘wind event’ in Northern California. So after looking at and researching several links and previous connections to Seattle, Washington I am using the same term. Based on what several other YouTube and on-line Truth sleuths have seen and are predicting plus my own investigating and researching the Gematria and algorithms behind Seattle I am asking the question: Is Seattle going to be ‘red flagged’ this upcoming November 3rd?

This video is the ending of the video that I just described above. While researching Seattle and the former owner of the Seattle Seahawks (before he passed away I noticed that Paul Allen) was in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’ and I had to ask the question: Why was Paul Allen in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book?

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Thanks for watching and listening. All the best. Mark @G.A.

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7 Responses to Seattle 11/3: Why Was Seahawks Deceased Owner and Billionaire Paul Allen in Epsteins Black Book?

  • When the Seahawks won the Stuporbowl, the ending with the players posing and the owner and his kid celebrating like blood thirsty freaks. Weird stuff I just happen to remember vividly. Post-game weirdness..almost like it was scripted.

  • Mark, Dupont is a bloodline name

  • What if it's not a false flag? You all throw that term around as if you know how the world works. That Masons are running it all. The masons know gematria, and would love for the world to BELIEVE THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ALL, but they are not. You don't really even know what Gmatria is, where it came from or how it works. And everyone has been told, but people can't connect the dots. Gematrix… MATRIX. That is what the numbers are. And the Masons did not invent the Matrix, the Matrix is not human. . Sure, they have psyops, yes, many of them know the numbers, 44 is the kill number in Gematria. 144 (144,000 thousand) 144= forty four in Gematria. 188= sun, moon, stars, 88…. But none of these numbers are going to help you understand 11/3.
    Terrible Repercussions in Jewish Gematria equals: 1103
    Why Seattle, I do not know, it could simply mean the Seattle Area. Death Note was filmed in Seattle Wa, it' about the Grim Reaper. It's about ME. Now is that a false flag? … No, something else is going on. I have no idea what Paul Allen has to do with any of this, but …Hummmm
    The Doomsday Prophet in Jewish Gematria equals: 1105
    Seattle The Land Of Oz in Jewish Gematria equals: 1105
    Seahawks in Jewish Gematria equals: 1105
    Seahawk in Jewish Gematria equals: 1015
    Enchanted Hill in Simple Gematria equals: 115
    See, I can play this game with you all day, but I am better at it than you….

    I just got done watching Weldon Paranormal and his November 3rd video, in which he receives a message "FROM SPIRITS", "Will Allison, THEY SAID…. (MAYBE IT SAID PAUL ALLEN, spirits are difficult to understand sometimes…. See, I live in a world most don't even know existed. )

    But I just don't see a connection. I can understand if something happens on 11/03. Because things are happening right now.

    Allison = Seattle and Reapers.
    My point is, My point is unless he is connected to someone who is tied to me, I don't see what the relevance. Sometimes numbers line up to other things not connected. It does happen. Or maybe the angels and demons are trying to stall you.

    I'll give you props, you do (may) know Gematria, but I don't think you know what it is or how to push it's limits. What do you think the Global Agenda is? New World Order? Who do you think the NWO is? And can there be more than one NWO? Winner takes all? The Holy Order? Who do you think the man with the sword is at the Denver Air Port? What if that man is Jesus?

    I predicted a tornado 4 days before it happened and decoded it.

  • Jeffrey Epstein just keeps on showing up in my Rabbit Holes.

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