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Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles Review – (Seahawks Review) #PHIvsSEA

Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles Review – (Seahawks Review) #PHIvsSEA

November 21, 2016

Welcome back to another Seattle Seahawks Review. Although the Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles game ended 25-16, this game was all Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks dominated from the start. They ended the first half with 300 yards. Not often do we see these types of outbursts on offense for the Seattle Seahawks. They are one of the NFL’s best teams. They are now 7-2-1 and will face Tampa Bay next week. Seattle had another stellar game on both sides of the football field. It was a great game for Seattle and a terrible game for Philadelphia. Hope you enjoyed the video, if you did leave a like, comment, and subscribe!

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