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Secret Facebook Messenger Football/Soccer Game!

Secret Facebook Messenger Football/Soccer Game!

May 29, 2017

How to Play Facebook Messenger Hidden Football Game – Euro 2016 Fun ! If you want to play Soccer in Facebook messenger, just watch the video and start playing football with your friends. The trick to play the game works on both iOS and Android smartphones.

How to play the Game on Facebook Messenger:
1. Make sure to update the Messenger App from Android Playstore or iOS App Store. 
2. Send the Football emoji to your facebook friend on the facebook messenger app.
3. Double tap on the Footballl emoji to start the game.

That’s it now enjoy the Football game and try to beat your friend’s high score. If you want to share any more tricks with us feel free to drop a comment below. 

If this method is not working for your FB messenger app then try re-installing the app on your smartphone. 

The Facebook Football game should work on all iOS and Android smartphones having the latest facebook messenger app. Please do share your high score with us. 
Send me a friend rqst to play the game with me :


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