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Shannon Sharpe: Russell Wilson, Seahawks looked like a Super Bowl team last night

Shannon Sharpe: Russell Wilson, Seahawks looked like a Super Bowl team last night

December 4, 2019

Shannon Sharpe: Russell Wilson, Seahawks looked like a Super Bowl team last night


48 Responses to Shannon Sharpe: Russell Wilson, Seahawks looked like a Super Bowl team last night


  • Mr. Skip you are a Seahawks hater!!!! We didn't have Tyler Lockett. So what Cook had to leave the game! So please shut up!

  • Didn’t this Seattle lose to the saints at home???? No they r not a super bowl team

  • Skip either is paid to be stupid or he just is stupid.

  • He definitely was crying but it’s understandable

  • Oh my God. Skip, can you FOCUS on a team other than Dallas? I tune you out as soon as u start talking about the Cowboys.

  • Skip is a hater. Seattle keeps winning and still no faith.

  • Sorry the Vikings defense looked out of sync it wasn't what the seahawks was doing it was more of what the Vikings defense couldn't do

  • "Eddy jackson gon' pick him off a couple of times"-Shannon Sharpe 2019

  • Cowboys haven't beaten a team over .500. So anything Skip says is irrelevant

  • Let’s go Seahawks and Russell Wilson is going to the super bowl this year and win it and he wants a another super bowl win!!! And we are first in NFC West!!!

  • Seattle isn't losing a game until the 2020 preseason. The tide is turning..

  • You know what Jerry Jones should hire Skip Bayless to work for the Dallas cowboys. With the way he hopes them up he'd fit right in.

  • Skip is such a pillow biter. Absolutely garbage as a sports analyst

  • In what world was Minnesota about to "take over that game" when Cook went down? Lmao they just gave up a TD after going 3 and out and fumbled on their own 26 after running for 1 yard. Had not scored an offensive TD since their opening drive and got lucky with a dorky pick 6. Who is this guy?

  • Skip, the cowgirls are irrelevant at this point, no one cares about them, there trash, dak is trash who beats up on shit teams, the coach is trash. They've shown us who they are. They not fooling anyone.

  • Lmao I love cowgirl fans always think there going to do something and fail every time lol

  • Oh…SKIP…N.O.L.A. also kicked THE COWBOYS TO SLEEP IN DALLAS as well. Just sayin….New Orleans – 10-2..south division champions..seattle..10-2..still fighting for slot..defeated BY the SAINTS AT HOME earlier in the season…you guys really give N.O.L.A. TOO LITTLE credit. But do you. Still love the show guys…just don't agree with a lot of the analysis.

  • Skip doubted us in 2013, he doubts us now. He’s a retarded Cowboys fan, can’t wait for him to eat shit after we win the Super Bowl

  • There is no way Seattle is as a good a team as San Fran. Look at the point differential San Fran has compared to seattle, they blow teams out while Seattle barely beats teams. The only reason Seattle beat San Fran that MNF was Kittle was out and the kicker was out. Healthy Kittle and it is a wrap, even in Seattle Seahawks have no chance, Russell Wilson had a god awful game against San Fran even in the win.

  • what u talking bout skip, they made the man cry!!! lol

  • I seen Skip talk shit about the Seahawks EVERY DAYUMM TIME SEAHAWKS WON . And then has the NERVE to speak highly of the Cowboys. NO ONE is WORRIED ABOUT THE COWBOYS BUT Y”ALL BETTER WATCH OUT CUZ SEAHAWKS ARE COMIN!!

  • Cook had 29 yards in the 3rd quarter. We shut him down.

  • I come here to see Shannon harass skip with his expressions

  • I swear if Dak came back like Russ skip would get his name tattooed.

  • In fighting, we cheer the guy that goes down then gets up to win. Skip always says he has never seen Lebron have a comeback when going thru defeat. That resealence. Russ does this weekly. Skip is a usda Hater !!!! Skip when a doctor earns their doctoral degree or doctorates and goes into practice, non of their patience questions their GPA. No one cares if they were an A student , B student, or C student. They care about the end results. Russell WINson is the end result. GO HAWKS !!!!

  • Don’t play like that Uncle Shay. Dallas dont won’t GB n the first round

  • Skip is a hater unless it is the cowboys… about a team of woulda coulda and shoulda's….

  • Skip is not being truthful to the seahawk lost last year. The seahawks were coming back. Anyone tht watches us knows the main thing Russel and pete carroll PREACH , is there are 4 quarters and the game is won in the 4th. We are a 2nd half team. Have been for years. I hate it. But it is who we are. We are to football as the winning Miami Heat with LeBron audience was to the nba games. You watch the 1st half like damn how this game this empty and not sold out?
    By the 3rd and 4th you realize the crowd was ust late comin back from pregaming at the club and beach. We was coming back. We was gettin beat all game. Skip does not tlk about how Russ started to figure out the def and brought us back within a td. And since skip loves to use what ifs against us, I now believe what if Russ had more time we probably would have won the game. Hey Skip the Cowboys were lucky last yr. Cause the Hawks were coming back and Seattle almost won that game. So the cowboys almost gave it away and as u say their win did not impress me because it was not a blow out. Gtfoh. A win is all tht matters.

  • Skip does not tlk about how seattle gave away the sb to the pats. Based off skips logic, pats were lucky. Dont say Tom came back cause the seahawks gave it to Tom and it was not a blowout ao Tom was not impressive. If and what if….. That was the seahawks sb. Gtfoh the win that all that matter and we took the L. I hate skips logic on teams he does not like. But if we all used his logic this would have been my dumbass response.

  • Skip such a hater shut up about the cowboys they not beating us again

  • Dalles Cowgirls are 6-6 they suck have been all season Sikp u smoking something

  • I only watch this show cause of Shannon. Skip makes my ass tired. I remember someone tweeting that Russ was worse than rg3 and luck and that they would have better careers. Still hating after all these years.

  • Last year, last year, last year, Skip ya goof, it’s this year now, and Shannon is still OBLITERATING you in these one-sided “debates”.

  • Skip Clueless being clueless again.

  • Skip Clueless, I think Lamar had his worst game of the year in Seattle, the D scored 2 TD's without that,, the score's tied 16-16. Lamar was 9 / 20 passing for a paltry 143 yards and he rushed 116…. they won because of crucial Seahawk mistakes, of course, you didn't watch the game.

  • always bring up past games.and ignore the now.cowboys suck this year.stop your excuses…

  • Last week you were done. With dallas.remember ?

  • A lot of could’ve should’ve would’ves from skips dumbass

  • I want to understand Why Skip hates the Seahawks?

  • Seattle Seahawks can complete with any team. If they get that #1 seed oohh weee trouble and the home crowd is gonna be loud. The last time the had the #1 seed. 2 super bowls appearances 1 championship. Go Hawks Nation

  • I side with Skip on this one.
    Seahawks: Barely beat all their opponents but the Cardinals. Needed 3 opportunities to beat the 49ers. Not impressive in the last 12 mins of the 4th quarter against the Vikings. Fumble saved a Cousins comeback; couldn't run out the clock on that last FG drive. Had all the chances to stop giving Wentz another shot, but kept giving him more. Wilson gets credit for his comeback wins, but no negative criticism for all the games he fails to close out with a +6 min drive. Give him 3 tries and he will win.

    Packers: should be 8-4 because they should've lost to the Lions at home. Their defense has struggled since their 3 points allowed against the Bears on week 1. Take that game out and they are in the bottom 10th defenses. Rodgers has done okay as long as the other team doesn't have two probowl caliber pass rushers. Saints have that. 49ers have that. Seahawks have that. Cowboys have that but the one game Rodgers did well against were vs the Cowboys.

    49ers: played seahawks when kittle, breida, sanders, and gould were down. Probably will lose their #1 seed in the NFC west because of that. Probably the best team, but just had too many key injuries at the wrong game.

    Saints: overrated defense. They went from being in the top 3 in games with 17 or fewer points allowed last year to allowing at least 24 points in 7/12 games.

    Cowboys: kept to under 20 points by a top 5 defense at home. Rams are the only top 10 defense they may face at home. They are one good defensive game from keeping any of those other better teams under 20 points and having a good game from Zeke, Cobb, Cooper, and galup.

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