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Soccer Drills 5 Control Ball Exercises

Soccer Drills 5 Control Ball Exercises

December 5, 2019

Soccer Training With Priscilla

Here’s information on the exercises:
– 1st exercise here is all right foot
– so were going to be using the inside and outside of the right foot
– so were going to be taking little touches and weaving in and out of the cones
– Move from side to side in and around the cone at the top and back to the beginning

– Exercise 2 is exactly the same thing, but this time were going to used our left foot
– so for me that’s my week foot
– for you at may be your strong foot
– so this is going to be more challenging for me

– Exercise 3 we’re going to be using the outside of the foot only
– so what were going to do is start at one side
– touching it through the outside getting around the ball and touching it with the outside with the other foot

Moving into exercise 4 is the right foot weave
– so basically we’re just doing a figure of eight motion in between the 2 cones keeping the ball as closes to my body as possible
– weaving with inside and outside of my right foot
– and the key here is giving it as many touches as possible with each step that I take

The 5th exercise is the left foot weave
– so for me this is my none dominant foot
– so it’s very important that I balance my feet so I can get as good as possible with both feet
– your going to be a much more better player if your able to dribble with both feet

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