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Squirt ‘A’ – Wave vs Mariner’s Preseason – MOJO

Squirt ‘A’ – Wave vs Mariner’s Preseason – MOJO

November 4, 2016

GoalieDadCam footage from last weekends game against the Wave in Artesia. The Wave played like near-future AAA studs, but we are still learning how to stay in position and pass. They so completely peppered my net that four of the goals were deflected in by my own defense. We were so behind the score keeper stopped tallying the points somewhere late in the 2nd period. For our next meeting, our Mariner’s will have to build a much bigger boat….

The coolest thing was in the handshake line a handful of the Wave players congratulated me on the hard work and apologized for showing no mercy on their win. Respect! I think they will dominate the sparse SoCali Squirt ‘A’ division. For us, after facing the Bear’s a second time today, we will relocate to the less stormy BB level seas. How will we do there…? We NEED major TEAM CHUTZPAH…please stay tuned, like, subscribe and all that good stuff!

Soundtrack: Into the Jungle, X Ambassador’s, The MADE edit


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