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The Complete List of Flag Football Gear

October 4, 2016

Football season is not too far away and it is never too late to begin preparation for next season’s team. One of the first things you need to do in planning for the formation of a new team is to get all your flag football gear together.

You need to determine what is necessary to have an official flag football team. Official play requires equipment to set up the field as well as what the team needs for each player. Finally there is the basic flag football equipment set that will get the ball rolling. If you are organizing for a league you need to put this list together to establish several teams so that all will be duly fitted out for play.

Field Equipment

According to the United States Flag Football Association certain field equipment must be available to have an official game. The following items make up the list for field equipment.

  • There has to be markings to designate boundaries for what is inbounds, out-of-bounds, and the end zones. These markings can be set out through the use of a machine known as a chalk marker or the more elaborate marker, the acrylic latex paint field marker. Both of these items can be purchased through larger sporting goods stores.
  • The installation of permanent goals at the boundaries of both end zones for the use of field goals and points made after touchdowns. These goals are defined as two upright posts extending twenty feet above the level of the playing field and with inside measurements of twenty-three feet four inches apart. There shall also be a horizontal bar connecting the two upright posts at a juncture of ten feet above the level of the playing field.
  • There is also the need for a down marker to indicate the advancing location of each down and which down number that is currently at play.

The Player’s Equipment

The flag football gear for each player to have in order to play an official game must consist of the following items.

  • A regular football jersey with a number in a solid blocked format on the front and back of the jersey will constitute the official uniform for each team. Players on opposing teams must wear contrasting colors to provide sufficient team identification during play.
  • Footwear shall consist of any type of shoe that covers the whole of the foot. The upper portion of the shoe can be manufactured from canvas, leather, or a synthetic material. The sole shall be composed of leather, rubber or a synthetic composite material. Rubber cleats will enhance foot traction and are permitted for play, but they are not a requirement for official play.
  • There is no need for helmets to constitute official flag football play. Headgear can be a stocking cap or ski cap with colors that complement the player’s jersey.

Basic Flag Football Gear

To round out the list for official play the following items must be included for official flag football games.

  • The official flag football made by the Wilson Sporting Good Company and listed in their catalogue as NCAA 1001 Traditional model number F1001 shall be used at all games. Any substitute football must meet the specifications of this particular playing piece as prescribed by the United States Flag Football Association.
  • One of the most important pieces of equipment is the flag belt. Each flag belt must have at least two removable flags attached at each hip. There is an optional flag belt that has three flags that provides an extra opportunity to down a player upon the pull of the flag. The attachment of the flags most generally is the hook and loop type of fastener.
  • Goal markers to place at the junction of the goal lines and sidelines as well as the end lines are needed for obvious reasons for official play.

Flag football gear is relatively inexpensive and it is fairly easy to outfit a whole team with a modicum of investment. It is possible to raise the money for all the listed equipment prior to the season’s kickoff through various fundraisers that will help you build support for your team long before the team takes the field.

Source by Andy Brock

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