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Top 8 SenseBall Exercises

Top 8 SenseBall Exercises

August 25, 2019

Welcome back to another video!

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In today’s video we will be discussing top 8 exercises with the modern SenseBall, a football/soccer ball developed by CogiTraining. The ball allows you to improve your touches and help you become a two footed player. Not only does it give you the ability to accumulate hundreds of touches within minutes, but it improves coordination and synchronization as well.

After spending couple of weeks with this innovative technology you will see massive results. Not only will you see positive results on your weak foot but also when reacting in game situations. You will become comfortable receiving and distributing balls because it’ll be locked into muscle memory.

Why is muscle memory important in soccer/football?
Muscle memory is the theory that, over time, the body can learn very specific motor skills with the use of repetition. It is believed by exposing muscles to this repetitive activity, long-term muscle memory develops. Once this long-term muscle memory develops, players will be able to instinctively engage in whatever repetitive action was performed without having to put too much conscious effort into it.

So in other words,
the more time you spend with the SenseBall = less mistakes on the field

We recommend you purchase one of these balls in order to take your game to the next level. To make matters easier we’ve provided a link to the very item that you’ve seen in today’s video!

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